Can Turnitin Detect Undetectable AI?

Can Turnitin Detect Undetectable AI? – Turnitin AI Detection and AI Writing Detection

There is a disagreement over whether or not students should use AI writing tools like ChatGPT to help with their writing. But as writers, researchers, and students, we have all encountered the difficulty of navigating Turnitin AI plagiarism detection and assessment systems. These checks are a vital tool for upholding academic integrity and honesty because […]

Can Quillbot be Detected in Turnitin?

Can QuillBot be Detected in Turnitin?

Are you curious to know if QuillBot generated content can be recognized by Turnitin? QuillBot and Turnitin each have distinct roles to play in ensuring unique, high-quality writing that is devoid of plagiarism. QuillBot assists in rewriting or paraphrasing content, whereas Turnitin is a plagiarism detector. So, Can QuillBot be detected in Turnitin? The short […]