How to add a Human Touch to AI-generated content? Humanize your AI content for free

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Content generation with AI writing assistants like ChatGPT has become extremely popular. AI can create content incredibly fast, pacing up the content creation process and helping businesses save a lot of time and money.

However, a major downside is that this AI-written content often lacks a natural writing style; like a Human writer, and sounds robotic. As a result, many AI detectors can easily flag this piece of content as not written by a human.

Getting your content flagged or banned for using AI is not ideal. So the key is to “humanize” the AI-generated content to make it look authentic and practical for your audience. This helps avoid penalties while enabling you to leverage the efficiency of AI.

This is where tools like Undetectable AI come in very handy. Undetectable AI is designed specifically to transform AI-generated text into imperceptible human-like content that can bypass all AI detectors.

Let’s discuss some actionable tips to manually give your content a human touch.

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Why is It Crucial to Humanise AI-generated Content?

It’s crucial to humanize AI-generated content because, in its raw form, it often lacks personality, emotion, and the human touch that resonates with audiences. AI content frequently sounds robotic and unnatural which immediately signals to readers that it wasn’t created by a human. Additionally, many platforms actively scan for AI content and may ban or penalize you for publishing it. By taking the time to intentionally humanize AI copy with personal stories, opinions, humor, conversational tone, and cohesive messaging, you can boost engagement and avoid detection. This process transforms sterile AI drafts into compelling content that increases readership and achieves business goals.

How to Add Human Touch to AI-generated Content

1. Use AI ToolsUndetectable AI

AI-generated content

The easiest way to humanize AI written content is to use AI tools like  Undetectable AI. This innovative tool is crafted using cutting-edge algorithms to rewrite AI text into human-sounding language.

Undetectable AI guarantees a completely undetectable output that confidently evades all AI detectors. It’s the perfect solution to avoid getting your content flagged while retaining AI-powered efficiency.

Here’s a quick 3-step overview of humanizing content using Undetectable AI:

  1. Simply input your AI-written text – Copy and paste up to 10,000 characters into Undetectable AI.
  2. Let the algorithms work their magic – In seconds, Undetectable AI will process the text through its sophisticated paraphrasing techniques.
  3. Receive perfectly humanized content – Get completely natural sounding and 100% undetectable AI content that passes all detectors.

This easy yet powerful tool enables the creation of high-quality, optimized content at scale while dodging the downsides of traditional unchecked AI text.

2. Personalize Your Search

AI-generated content

One of the tell-tale signs of AI-written content is a lack of personal context. Since AI has no personal experience, the output often seems generic and depersonalized.

An effective technique is to add in personal touch through real-life examples, opinions, stories, and anecdotes. This creates a personalized perspective that feels authentic.

For instance, when writing about topics like content writing tips, relate it to your own experiences with writing. Share personal examples of what strategies worked or didn’t work for you.

Adding this human element of real-world application makes the content original and genuine.

3. Treat AI-generated Content as a First Draft

Rather than immediately publishing AI written text, it’s wise to treat it as a first draft. Use the AI output to get a solid structure and framework, then build on it to transform it into your creation.

  • Thoroughly read through the content, editing parts that sound awkward.
  • Smooth out any disjointed text flow for improved readability
  • Inject your unique voice and the points you want to convey
  • Shape the tone to resonate with your brand
  • Strengthen the narrative with original commentary

This editing process lets you maintain AI efficiency while crafting content aligned with your business needs. The more you customize, the less AI-generated it ultimately feels.

4. Add a Human Touch to AI-generated Content

Add human touch in AI-generated content

There are some easy tactics to make AI content feel more human-written:

Use Conversational Language: Focus on simple words and conversational tone instead of complex lingo. Avoid over-optimization with excessive keywords shoehorned in.

Add Personal Commentary: Share your thoughts and reactions sincerely as if conversing.

Use Natural Transitions: Human writing flows smoothly. Use transitions between ideas for fluid readability.

Vary Sentence Length: AI text tends to use similar sentence structures. Consciously break that mold by varying length.

Feature Real-life Examples: As highlighted before, incorporate personalized context through anecdotes.

Include Cultural References: Humans relate to cultural zeitgeists and trends. Referencing them adds authenticity that AI lacks.

With some finesse, you can transform robotic AI drafts into genuine-sounding content.

5. Make It Easy to Read and Interesting

Audience engagement should be a top priority when determining if content seems human. Complex, dense walls of text clearly point to AI.

Ensure your content remains captivating and interactive for readers:

Formatting for Scannability: Break up paragraphs and incorporate lists like this article.

Open with Strong Hook: Start posts with an intriguing statement, thought-provoking question, or captivating story.

Optimize Readability: Use short sentences of varying lengths. Also, limit paragraph size to 3-4 lines.

Include Media: Relevant images, graphics, and videos boost engagement significantly.

Check Tone & Voice: Maintain consistent author personality and brand voice throughout the entire piece.

If readers easily comprehend your content and find it genuinely useful, then your humanization efforts paid off.

6. Personalize Every Type of Content for Every Stage of the Sales Funnel

To turn robotic AI text into authentic human-sounding copy, adapt it to cater to different users across each stage of your sales funnel.

AI lacks an understanding of evolving user mindsets as they progress to become leads and then customers. It generates disconnected generic output unable to resonate at deeper levels.

You can fix this through personalization. Uniquely tailor content to guide users along their unique journeys.

For example:

Attract Cold Traffic: Catch attention with compelling headlines and introductions priming them to engage.

Convert Leads: Share targeted case studies and testimonials proving how you can solve their exact problems.

Delight Customers: Create personalized email sequences addressing their specific needs rather than batch blasts.

The more tailored the messaging, the more it feels written just for them instead of mass AI-produced blog posts.

7. Review and Edit the Generated AI Content

Review and Edit the Generated AI Content

This should go without saying, but the best way to eradicate the “AI feel” from content is to manually review every portion with a fine-tooth comb.

Here are some finishing touches to incorporate:

Fix Awkward Phrasing: Smooth out clunky verbiage that seems off.

Remove Repetition: Delete recurring words or statements that redundant AI text suffers from.

Check Formatting: Break content into readable layouts like we’ve outlined.

Confirm SEO Optimization: Verify targeted keyword usage meets best practices – no overstuffing.

Examine Tone Consistency: Ensure aligns properly with your brand identity from start to finish.

Confirm Complete Cohesion: All pieces should logically connect with natural transitions.

While editing AI content takes a bit more effort, the time invested here pays dividends through more authentic creations able to pass AI detectors.


The most efficient content creation leverages the speed of AI generation combined with human refinement. Follow this guide on transforming AI text into imperceptible human styles for the best of both worlds – quality and scale.

Tools like Undetectable AI make rewriting AI content effortless. But putting in work to manually personalize with the above tips renders AI content indistinguishably human.


Q: How do I make AI-written content sound more human?

A: To make AI content sound more human, add personal examples and anecdotes, use conversational language, vary sentence structure, feature cultural references, and ensure content flows smoothly with transitions. Also, break up text with formatting and media for increased engagement.

Q: What is the best AI content humanizer tool?

A: Undetectable AI is currently the best tool for humanizing AI-generated text while bypassing AI detectors. It uses advanced natural language algorithms to rewrite text into imperceptible human-written styles.

Q: Can AI detectors catch all AI-written content?

A: No. With the right humanization tactics and tools like Undetectable AI, AI-generated content can bypass text analysis and fool AI detectors into thinking it was written by a human. The key is transforming its robotic style.

Q: How much editing makes AI writing undetectable?

A: While heavy editing of AI content is ideal, even light edits such as formatting, tightening text flow, adding anecdotes, and strengthening transitions can make a noticeable impact in improving quality and evading AI detectors.

Q: What percent of blog content is written by AI?

A: Currently it’s estimated that 15-30% of all blog content is written by AI. That number is expected to grow exponentially each year as content creators realize the efficiency benefits of AI writing assistants. Most try to humanize the content to boost legitimacy.

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