Pixis AI: Codeless AI Infrastructure for Growth Marketing

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Growth hacking is a marketing tactic for companies of various kinds operating in the data-driven marketing. It can be complex to navigate multi-channel campaign optimization, predictive analytics, and client segmentation. Pixis AI is a codeless AI platform which eliminates the need for coding knowledge and provide growth marketers access to insightful solutions.

Envision a platform which combines customer targeting, predictive modeling, data management, and content personalization. This is made possible through Pixis AI.

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Pixis AI

Pixis AI

Use Pixis AI to surpass your performance goals. Pixis AI use an open AI architecture to expand campaign outcomes across multiple channels. With Pixis, business can achieve:

  • 33 % average reduction in CAC
  • 70 % quick creative TAT
  • 30 % higher CVR
  • 30 % increase in social CTR
  • 28 % average boost in ROI

Pillars of Pixis AI Infrastructure

Pillars of Pixis AI Infrastructure

Pixis infrastructure’s three pillars collaborate to give you top-notch performance.

  • Targeting AI
  • Creative AI
  • Performance AI

Targeting AI

Targeting AI

Use AI to enhance your targeting tactics, reach, and convert your target audience across various platforms. With the help of advanced neural networks and billions of data points, Pixis Targeting AI generates relevant cohorts for your brand and enhances them over time.

Unique Aspects of Targeting AI

  • Use relevant user personas grouped with conversion behaviors, habits, engagement, and a plethora of additional contextual facts to fine-tune your targeting settings and strategies. Integrates with website analytics, attribution solutions, and CRM.
  • Discover niche markets and insights using 200 + attributes to achieve the maximum targeting precision. Create detailed micro-personas based on engagement and interest patterns.
  • Targeting AI uses unique clustering algorithms to improve targeting precision and generates cohorts of relevant cross-platform audiences. Use targeting insights to guide your optimization and creative efforts and open up new marketing avenues.
  • Audience optimization in real-time based on participation, search parameters, creative interaction, and content sharing. Include the trendiest and lucrative terms for your brand with multidimensional intelligence.
  • Access a collection of audiences saved and published in one location. With a few clicks, you can view, edit, schedule, pause, and publish audiences. Gain insightful knowledge about the behavior of audience and how people react to your communication tactics.
  • Using a variety of term categories, such as brand keywords, competitor keywords, and search trends, create bespoke target cohorts. Use a codeless AI platform to test new cohorts and adjust, visualize, and analyze its performance in real time.

Creative AI

Creative AI

Creative AI boost creative potential with a system for text and image synthesis driven with AI that can handle large-scale outputs.  Creative AI engine generates AI-driven suggestions based on viewer engagement in order to optimize KPIs.

Unique Aspects of Creative AI

  • Using patented generative AI models, create captivating static and contextual graphic assets which boost engagement and conversion across marketing platforms. Allow for continuous creative performance feedback to improve campaigns and increase conversion.
  • Provide cross-platform persona-based creative suggestion to increase interaction and conversion. Through feedback-based creative optimization, creative AI enhances the context of communication.
  • Write copy which incorporates dynamic levers such as the demographics, interests, and interaction habits of customers, in addition to product offers, and perks. Use self-evolving models which provide suggestions based on millions of engagement data points to evaluate CTR exhaustion and improve distribution.
  • Product images and creatives are transformed into 2.5D assets using generative AI models. To boost engagement, add effects, animation, backdrops, depth, and camera motions to static and video assets.
  • With an assortment of patented stable diffusion models, you can create, animate, and automate. As soon as possible, organize product photo shoots and produce videos.

Performance AI

Performance AI

Across platforms, increase campaign performance and enhance ROAS through using patented AI models which have been trained on billions of data points. Bids and budgets are automated, optimized, and improved over time using Pixis’ Performance AI infrastructure.

Unique Aspects of Performance AI

  • With a proven AI architecture that learns contextual using past campaign data, seasonality-based patterns, attribution, analytics, and live performance data, you can orchestrate intelligent choices across marketing channels and change your plans in real-time.
  • Performance AI is home to multi-objective converging AI models which distribute bids and funds through seeing microtrends in each channel. Use auto-redistribution of spends based on live performance to optimize return on assets.
  • Performance AI estimates the budget pacing tactics for upcoming campaigns through tracking and analyzing spending and ROAS. Use hyper-contextual AI models to strike the balance between spending and KPI optimization.
  • Search traffic index, audience interaction patterns, and buyer intent are mapped through optimization models to stabilize abrupt swings in spending due to irregular fluctuations. To increase spend effectiveness, these models spot false positive variations.
  • AI models who do not require coding expertise or experienced data specialists to be tailored to maximize on unique KPIs. Use tested optimization models, or use AI model libraries and simulator playground to create your own in a matter of seconds.


Artificial Intelligence has the potential to become the engine of growth plans. Leading this transformation is Pixis AI. You can use Pixis AI to drive customer acquisition, engagement, and retention using advanced data analytics, predictive modeling, and tailored content production.

Growth marketing will be driven through AI’s limitless potential. Pixis AI is laying the groundwork by giving growth marketers direct access to advanced marketing technologies.

Are you prepared to maximize the impact of your growth marketing initiatives now?

With Pixis AI, use codeless AI and see your business reach new heights.

FAQs – Pixis AI: Codeless AI Solutions for Growth Marketing

What is Pixis AI and how does it work?

Pixis AI is a codeless AI infrastructure which offers AI solutions for growth marketing. It leverages AI models to provide performance optimization for marketers in real-time. It is purpose-built to optimize Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) and Return on Investment (ROI).

How can Pixis AI help with growth marketing?

Pixis AI provides no-code AI solutions which empower marketers to enhance their marketing performance using AI technology. By using AI models, marketers can implement data-driven decisions and improve their customer acquisition strategies across platforms.

What are the benefits of using Pixis AI?

By integrating Pixis AI into their marketing strategies, marketers can achieve AI-powered targeting, creative suggestions, and performance optimization. This can lead to improvements in marketing ROI and campaign effectiveness.

How does Pixis AI differ from additional AI solutions in marketing?

Pixis AI stands out through offering codeless AI solutions that are simple to implement and require no technical expertise. Its focus on growth marketing and creative AI suggestions sets it apart in the realm of AI-powered marketing technologies.

Can Pixis AI be integrated into existing marketing strategies?

Yes, Pixis AI is designed to integrate with existing marketing tools and processes. Marketers can optimize various aspects of their marketing efforts through incorporating Pixis recommendations into their workflows.

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