Tripnotes AI: Plan Travel Trips Using Tripnotes.AI in 2024

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Powered by ChatGPT, Tripnotes AI was one of the earliest experimental AI trip planners which garnered a lot of interest prior to 2023. Dennis Crowley, the creator of Foursquare, posted a product demo on LinkedIn and Twitter in January, and it gained momentum. Since then, journalists and business experts have cited Tripnotes.

But a few months following selling to Dorsia, a startup which provides reservations for restaurants just for members, the creators of Tripnotes closed down the website in mid-December. Tripnotes’ owner, Welcome, an app which provides city guides akin to Tripadvisor, was purchased by Dorsia.

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Tripnotes AI

Tripnotes AI

A wise travel planner is Tripnotes. It is intended to assist you in organizing your travels and is equipped with a wealth of travel information. Tripnotes tags, maps, and investigates any location you intend to visit, turning your notes, texts, and tabs into intelligent notes with auto-mapping and useful suggestions.

How Do Tripnotes AI Operate?

How Do Tripnotes Operate

The methods can differ, even though the end result effortless itinerary planning is the same. Here is a summary of how Tripnotes approaches this task:

Intelligent Planning

Using the available worldwide travel data, the program provides suggestions based on user interests and journey times. An extensive itinerary can be generated in an instant with just a destination, date, and a few other data.

Tailoring Capabilities

While some tourists may find the automatic itineraries enough, Tripnotes provides the option to change these itineraries through an interactive dialogue with the AI. You can adjust the schedule to suit your particular travel needs and tastes through a conversation.

Activities Suggestions

The system offers a plethora of suggestions for exploration and enjoyment, spanning from museums and breweries to hiking routes and evening events.

Tripnotes Goal to Reinvent City Guides

Tripnotes Goal to Reinvent City Guides

Tripnotes was one of the earliest travel companies to declare it was committed to developing a generative AI trip planner. Rosenberg told Skift in February which Welcome was dedicating each of its resources to the Tripnotes project.

Rosenberg had big plans to reinvent the city guide category with in-app travel booking and tailored suggestions. The team was collecting data from user searches and online resources such as blogs and social media. In 45 days, Tripnotes reached a million users.

This year, large as well as small enterprises have released a number of generative AI travel planners. As of yet, none is capable of taking the place of conventional travel planning. Given their resources to keep improving their AI trip planners, the online travel agencies could emerge as the clear winners in this scenario, earlier projections suggested.

Tripnotes AI Drawbacks

Tripnotes AI Drawbacks

Despite offering a broad range of functions, Tripnotes has certain drawbacks which should be taken into account. Its data sourcing is a major drawback. For the purpose of creating and suggesting itineraries, Tripnotes depends on large language models as a source of information.

These AI models are, nevertheless, trained using a voluminous the amount of input data from the internet, some of which might not be reliable or current.


Creating an itinerary for a trip ensures each of the must-see locations and attractions are seen.

Are each of these programs capable of meeting the task, even with their convenient potential?

Tripnotes helps travel planning smarter and easier. It is a potential alternative because of its use of AI to design an itinerary, personalization options, and activities ideas. Whether you are planning a yearly trip or a few trips a year, planning has never been simpler.

FAQs – Tripnotes AI: Plan Travel Trips Using Tripnotes.AI

What is Tripnotes AI?

Tripnotes AI is an intelligent travel planner tool powered by artificial intelligence which helps users to plan and personalize their travel itineraries using trip notes shared on tripnotes.AI.

How does Tripnotes AI work?

Tripnotes AI uses advanced AI algorithms to generate personalized travel plans based on user preferences and data, simplifying travel planning through recommendations and suggestions.

Can Tripnotes AI provide recommendations?

Yes, Tripnotes AI can provide users with alternative destination suggestions and attractions to enhance their travel experience.

Is Tripnotes AI available as an app or website?

Tripnotes AI is accessible through its platform at tripnotes.AI, offering users a user-friendly website to create and customize their itineraries.

How can Tripnotes AI simplify travel planning?

Tripnotes AI uses travel data and online travel resources to simplify the process of planning a vacation, enabling users to spend time enjoying their trip.

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