Undetectable AI Review: Can it Make AI Content Untraceable?

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The rise of AI content creation tools like ChatGPT has been met with both enthusiasm and skepticism. While many celebrate the potential for AI to enhance productivity, concerns about the ethical use of AI-generated content persist. This has led to the emergence of AI detection tools aiming to flag machine-written text.

In response, a new player has entered the game – Undetectable AI. This tool claims to transform AI content into completely human-looking output that can bypass the most advanced AI detectors. But does it work as advertised? In This review, I will examine if Undetectable AI can make AI content untraceable. Let’s discuss this in detail.

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An Overview of Undetectable AI

Undetectable AI markets itself as an AI detection removal and humanizing tool. Its main goal is to take text created by AI tools like ChatGPT, Jasper, and Copy.AI and rewrite it to evade detection from anti-AI systems.

The company calls its technology “the most advanced and accurate AI detection remover tool on the market.” Undetectable AI uses detection bypass algorithms and paraphrasing techniques to output human-like content.

Who is Undetectable AI For?

Undetectable AI targets content creators such as:

  • Writers
  • Bloggers
  • Researchers
  • Marketers
  • SEO professionals

It serves anyone who uses AI content generation but wants to avoid getting flagged by AI detection tools. The platform allows users to enjoy the productivity benefits of AI writing without facing plagiarism penalties.

How Does Undetectable AI Work?

Using Undetectable AI involves three simple steps:

  1. Paste AI-generated text – Users can input up to 10,000 content characters created by GPT -3-based tools like ChatGPT.
  2. Click rewrite – Undetectable AI runs its detection removal algorithms to paraphrase and humanize the text.
  3. Get undetectable content – In seconds, users receive rewritten content that avoids AI detectors while maintaining meaning and quality.

Undetectable AI Features

Undetectable AI

Some key features that Undetectable AI offers include:

  • Passes AI detectors – The tool guarantees rewritten content will bypass current AI detection tools.
  • Maintains meaning – While rephrasing text, it preserves the original meaning and context.
  • SEO-friendly – Output content is keyword-rich to rank high in search engines.
  • Different plans – Monthly, yearly, and custom plans are available based on usage needs.
  • Free AI detector – It provides a free analysis of any text through its AI detection tool.
  • API access – Undetectable AI can integrate with popular content tools through its API.

Now that we’ve covered the basics of Undetectable AI, let’s evaluate whether it lives up to its promises.

Testing Undetectable AI’s Detection Bypass Capabilities


The core value proposition of this tool is passing AI-generated content through its system will make it undetectable to AI detection services. I tested this claim by running text through the leading detection tools before and after using Undetectable AI.

Creating Text with AI

Initially, I utilized ChatGPT to craft a blog post centered around the “Latest Trends in the Electric Vehicle Market.” The result was a thorough article discussing various aspects of EV trends.

Evaluation in Detection Tool

Following that, I transferred the AI-generated text to Originality.ai, a prominent AI detector. As anticipated, the system promptly identified the content as artificial.

Humanizing with Undetectable.ai

Subsequently, I entered the flagged post into Undetectable.ai, leveraging the “Humanize” feature to rephrase the text. This process involved restructuring and enhancing the post to eliminate any indicators of AI generation.

Successful AI Evasion

In the final step, I tested the output from Undetectable.ai back in Originality.ai. Remarkably, the post successfully evaded detection, garnering an 89% originality score. This demonstrates how Undetectable.ai facilitates the circumvention of AI content detection, all without cost.

Assessing the Content Quality

Rewriting content automatically often leads to a loss in quality. Synonym swapping and paraphrasing can alter the tone and coherence of text if not done carefully. For Undetectable AI to be worthwhile, it needs to maintain high quality.

To evaluate this, I compared the original AI and rewritten versions side-by-side. Here is an assessment of how Undetectable AI fared on key factors:

  • Grammar & spelling – No major grammatical errors were introduced. Some awkward phrasing, but overall correct.
  • Readability – The rewritten text was smooth and easy to follow. Sentence length and complexity remained similar.
  • Coherence – The chronological order and transitions between ideas were preserved.
  • Meaning – Key points and the central theme stayed intact. No loss of vital information.
  • Tone & style – The rewritten piece sounded less robotic. It had a more conversational and engaging human tone.

Overall, the content quality was on par if not slightly better than the original AI text. For 700+ words rewritten, the system did an impressive job maintaining the core information and feel of the content.

Trying Out the Free AI Detector

Undetectable AI offers a free AI detector tool that analyzes any text and determines an AI percentage score. I tested it out on a few different pieces:

  • A human-written blog article – 3% AI confidence
  • ChatGPT product descriptions – 93% AI confidence
  • Jasper-generated emails – 88% AI confidence

The tool accurately flagged the AI content and recognized the human-written piece. Having this free analysis available makes it easy to gauge your current content’s detection risk.

For longer-form content, the free trial only allows 500 words. To test entire articles or papers, a paid subscription would be required.

Undetectable AI Pricing

Undetectable AI Pricing

Undetectable AI offers three pricing options depending on usage needs:

Monthly Plan

  • $9.99 per month
  • 10,000 words per month
  • Cancel anytime

Yearly Plan

  • $5 per month (50% discount)
  • 10,000 words per month
  • Cancel anytime

Custom Plan

  • Bulk and unlimited word packs
  • Scales based on needs
  • White label and redistribution allowed
  • Priority support

The custom plan allows heavy content creators to get packages tailored to their workflow. The monthly plan provides adequate value for individuals who only occasionally need content rewritten.

Is Undetectable AI Worth Using?

Based on my testing, Undetectable AI effectively masks AI-generated content from current detection tools while maintaining decent quality. For anyone publishing content frequently, it provides a cost-efficient way to leverage AI writing without risk.

However, a few precautions are necessary:

  • The tool should be used ethically, not to completely plagiarize or duplicate existing work.
  • As detectors improve, the AI masking capabilities may become less reliable.
  • Be sure to review and edit the rewritten output. Some odd phrasing might need fixing.
  • Abide by any platform policies when publishing content.

Keeping these best practices in mind, Undetectable AI offers a cutting-edge solution for avoiding AI detection issues. It makes AI content untraceable against even robust tools like Copysmith and Jasper.

The free trial allows you to validate these claims before purchasing. For content marketers, bloggers, and writers, Undetectable AI is a worthwhile tool to integrate into your stack. Just be thoughtful about how you utilize it.

Have you tried using Undetectable AI or other AI content tools? I’d love to hear about your experiences with AI writing and bypassing detection in the comments!


Q: Does Undetectable AI completely hide AI-generated content from detectors?

A: Undetectable AI obscures AI-written text from current detectors but as technology progresses, its masking capabilities may become less reliable.

Q: Is using AI content bypass tools like Undetectable AI ethical?

A: Using masking tools ethically involves not completely duplicating or plagiarizing existing work and abiding by any platform policies.

Q: What happens if Undetectable AI doesn’t make my content fully undetectable?

A: Undetectable AI offers a money-back guarantee if any rewritten content still gets flagged as AI-generated by detectors.

Q: Does Undetectable AI work for long-form content like ebooks?

A: Yes, Undetectable AI can rewrite AI-generated text up to 10,000 characters so it can obscure full ebooks and long reports.

Q: Will search engines penalize content processed through Undetectable AI?

A: The tool maintains search engine optimization and human-like quality to avoid Google penalties and allow high rankings.

Q: How do I avoid AI detection in ChatGPT?

A: Using a service like Undetectable AI to rewrite ChatGPT output can make it pass through detectors unflagged. Unique paraphrasing is key.

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