AI Detection: Undetectable AI versus Originality AI

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Several beneficial developments have resulted from the quick development of AI writing tools. Limited resource businesses can generate more content; writers experiencing writer’s block can discover solutions; and people who find it difficult to articulate their ideas on paper can now do so.

Undetectable can humanize AI generated text. In this article, we will test text generated from ChatGPT with Originality AI detection after humanizing from Undetectable AI. So without further delay, let’s get started with Undetectable AI versus Originality AI.

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Undetectable Versus Originality

It has grown more challenging to identify AI text content since the AI tools’ explosive rise.

An AI detection tool called Originality aims to address that issue. With its assistance, you can assess whether a given piece of content was produced by AI or by humans.

Originality AI

Undetectable AI aims to evade AI detection systems. They achieve this by carefully rearranging words and eliminating common AI markers in order to humanize content created by AI. You can also tailor the output with Undetectable by selecting a particular use case and reading level.

Undetectable AI

Uses Cases

Let’s start with various use cases. A text produced by AI will also be necessary as a constant. ChatGPT is the ideal tool to produce a constant due to its popularity. We then asked ChatGPT to compose a brief essay for me, and this is what we received:

ChatGPT Use Case

With our control variable in place, let’s begin the battle between Originality AI and Undetectable AI.

General Writing

The General Writing content type from Undetectable AI is useful if you need something quickly rewritten. The AI texts with no specific intent or complexity are best suited for this use case.

General Writing Undetectable AI Versus originality AI


The way that education is delivered worldwide has been altered by ChatGPT and other artificial intelligence technologies. So much so that a large number of professors and instructors have begun utilizing AI detectors to reduce instances of academic dishonesty.

Essay Undetectable AI

It makes perfect sense that students who have essay assignments are the ones who utilize AI bypass tools the most.

Originality AI Essay


Article Undetectable AI

Nothing worries more than a deadline for an article writer. This fear need not be expressed, as Undetectable AI’s Article use case promises to transform news articles that ChatGPT generates into writing that is more akin to human composition.

Originality AI Article


Stories Undetectable AI

Although it’s said that dead men don’t tell tales, artificial intelligence does. But good prose has always been creative, and ChatGPT and other similar tools lack this quality. Is it possible for undetectable AI to surpass originality and infuse stories created by AI with awe and wonder?

Originality AI Stories

Reading Levels

Let’s examine Originality AI’s handling of Undetectable AI generations with varying readability levels in this section. To standardize the test cases, a content type of General Writing will be assigned to each output. We first need a control variable before moving further:

Reading levels ChatGPT

High School

Essays that are easy to understand and don’t require a lot of extra complexity work best with Undetectable AI’s High School readability level.

High school Undetectable AI

It’s safe to conclude that this test is a failure because AI content has a 99 % confidence score. The provided text contained no human writing at all, as far as Originality AI was able to tell.

Originality AI High School


The Doctorate reading level from Undetectable AI is meant for those who require assistance with writing at a higher level in academic settings. It modifies your writing without altering the main ideas of the original to give the impression that it is more analytical and methodical in its subject matter.

Doctorate Undetectable AI

Regretfully, 99 percent of the text was detected as AI-generated by Originality AI. AI rewriters incapable of producing doctorate-level writing should not be trusted since they often produce sentences that are incomprehensible and could seriously harm your reputation.

Originality AI Doctorate


As our default reading level in the previous section was University, we’ll be omitting this one and using the results from the previous section for our final total.

Niche Use Cases and Reading Levels

The final section addresses specialized use cases and reading levels that were not adequately tested with the two ChatGPT responses we previously used.

(Use Case) Marketing Material and (Reading Level) Marketing

Marketing material and marketing ChatGPT

ChatGPT has made it easier than ever to create copies and other marketing materials. You can produce publish-ready content that is similar to that produced by real people with just one prompt.

Marketing material and marketing Undetectable AI

I wanted Undetectable AI to change the copy of an advertisement for Undetectable AI for this test. This is the outcome:

Marketing material and marketing Originality AI

Originality AI concluded that the text had only a 1% probability of being written entirely by AI, even though it was 100 % written by AI. This outcome indicates that undetectable AI is capable of imitating human expression.

(Use Case) Reports and (Reading Level) Journalist

Reports and journalist ChatGPT

Let’s now examine more closely how well Undetectable AI can distinguish between news reports produced by real journalists and those created by AI. Our initial AI text will look like this:

Reports and Journalist Undetectable AI

Next, let’s use Undetectable AI to change the text that ChatGPT generated, setting the readability level to Journalist and the purpose to Report.

Originality AI report and Journalist

Originality AI was ultimately able to ascertain that this content is 100 % AI-generated.

Cover Letter (Use Case)

Cover letter ChatGPT

Having a strong cover letter is essential to your job prospects. It must include all the details a potential client needs to know about you and have enough heart to establish a personal rapport. Some employers concur that AI writing tools are lacking in this area.

Cover Letter Undetectable AI

So let’s attempt to use ChatGPT and Undetectable AI to create a successful cover letter.  Let’s see how it holds up to the stringent examination of Originality.

Originality AI Cover letter

What Does It Mean to Make AI Content Undetectable?

Making AI content undetectable is tailoring AI-generated text to look like it was written by a human instead of a machine. This is the process of getting around artificial intelligence content detectors, which are meant to determine whether a text was created by an AI system or by a human.

The intention is for the content produced by AI to be more:

  • Authentic
  • Engaging
  • Less Robotic

Final Score

We need to add up the scores for each use case and reading level and find the average in order to see the big picture.

Based on the numerous tests we’ve run, this is how Originality and Undetectable AI compare:

Use Case or Readability LevelHuman Written %AI-Generated %
General Writing8812
High School199
Marketing  Material991
Cover Letter946

What is the Conclusion?

In the end, Undetectable AI prevails over originality AI. The former demonstrated an average confidence level of 36.33% in identifying AI written content across nine tests.

Though they both meet a need in the market, Originality and Undetectable are merely competing with one another. When technology advances even further, only time will tell how well these tools work in the future.

AI Detection: Undetectable AI versus Originality AI

What is undetectable AI?

Undetectable AI refers to artificial intelligence systems or tools that can produce content which is difficult for AI detectors or detection tools to identify as AI-generated. These AI systems are designed to mimic human writing style, making it hard to distinguish between content created by a human and one generated by AI.

What are AI detectors?

AI detectors are tools or algorithms used to identify AI-generated content. They analyze various factors such as writing style, patterns, and linguistic cues to determine if the content has been created by AI or by humans.

What is originality AI?

Originality AI, also known as, is an AI tool specifically designed to detect AI-generated content and identify its originality. It can differentiate between human-written content and content generated by AI algorithms.

How does undetectable AI bypass AI detectors?

Undetectable AI uses advanced techniques such as natural language processing, machine learning, and deep learning to mimic human writing style and behavior. By closely imitating human writing patterns, undetectable AI can create content that is difficult to distinguish from content written by humans, thus making it challenging for AI detectors to identify.

How can I bypass AI content detectors?

There are several methods to bypass AI content detectors. One approach is to use undetectable AI systems that produce content hard to detect by AI detectors. Another approach is to paraphrase or modify the generated content to make it less vulnerable to detection. However, it is important to note that bypassing AI content detectors may be unethical or against the terms of service of certain platforms.

What are AI content detection tools?

AI content detection tools are software applications or algorithms that analyze text to determine whether it has been generated by AI or written by humans. These tools typically utilize machine learning and natural language processing techniques to identify patterns and characteristics exhibited by AI-generated content.

How can AI-generated content be detected?

AI-generated content can be detected through the analysis of various factors such as writing style, syntax, grammar, and semantic patterns. AI detection tools compare the content in question with a wide range of human-written texts and AI-generated samples to identify discrepancies and markers of AI generation.

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