5 Best AI Email Assistants in 2024

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Email and productivity appear to be at odds. This is true whether you are trying to manage a personal inbox that is packed or sending email with speed for commercial objectives. AI email assistants are making our lives easier and productive. This post discusses some of the top AI email assistants that handle a variety of productivity issues.

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AI Email Assistants

AI Email Assistants

An AI email assistant is a software solution that manages and optimizes email activities using artificial intelligence. AI email helpers can help you streamline and automate the overwhelming chore of managing your inbox. It can generate responses, summarize email threads, and translate emails.

AI email assistants combine natural language processing and machine learning to develop over time, providing precise and tailored assistance.

What impact does AI learning have on email management?

You can anticipate to see fewer errors over time and context suitable ideas as the system learns your writing style, making email management effective. AI assistants use sophisticated security features such as encryption to ensure that your email data remains private.

This is critical for organizations who claim to keep clients’ and customers’ sensitive information safe.

What Can an Artificial Intelligence Email Assistant Help You with?

What Can an Artificial Intelligence Email Assistant Help You with?

Email has been a cornerstone of business communication since the mid-1980s. It has since received various updates, such as the ability to schedule sending and compartmentalize inboxes. AI serves as your personal assistant, automating routine email chores and changing email management into a simplified and efficient procedure.

AI email assistants can aid you in the following ways:

  • Summarize and process email content: Processing emails is an arcade changer for professionals. An AI email assistant may condense long texts by highlighting the main parts, allowing you to take action without reading the entire email.
  • Extract information from buried emails: AI assistants may search your inbox for key details such as dates, invoice numbers, and contact information. Then they can integrate it into another program, such as a CRM or a calendar.
  • Generate responses: AI email helpers provide context suitable replies that match the tone and style of the incoming email. This guarantees that your responses appear authentic, rather than machine-generated.
  • Organize inbox: AI tools can sort, tag, and prioritize your emails, transforming your disorganized inbox into a managed command center. This way, you will know where to find that essential email when you need it.

Limitations of AI Email Assistants

Limitations of AI Email Assistants

While AI email helpers are adaptable, they do not provide a panacea that fits to each email problem. Certain intricate activities and delicate conditions necessitate human judgment. Here are some of AI email helpers’ shortcomings:

  • Emotional intelligence: While AI can read language, it cannot understand emotional nuances in the same way that humans can. This is essential for marketers managing customer interactions or performing outreach initiatives.
  • Complex decisions: AI can filter and analyze data, but it cannot comprehend it in terms of overarching commercial objectives or interpersonal relationships. Human expertise is irreplaceable when making decisions that need a thorough understanding of the context.
  • Crisis management: In cases such as a public relations disaster or a failed product launch, each email sent can either reduce or exacerbate the problem. AI email assistants are not designed to manage the nuances of crisis communication methods.
  • Fact checking: AI technologies are infamous for hallucinating, or making new facts.
  • Ethics: There are few restrictions governing how AI is developed and what it may accomplish. AI has been shown to amp up biases, so check the results.

Despite their limits, AI email helpers can be beneficial in your inbox. They provide time-saving features and organizational benefits, allowing you to focus on activities that demand your distinct human touch.

Top AI Email Assistants in 2024

Top AI Email Assistants in 2024

We have curated a list of AI email helpers, each with time-saving capabilities that can revolutionize the way you manage your emails.

AI Writing Assistant

AI Writing Assistant

AI Writing Assistant is an AI email assistant for businesses looking to create effective email campaigns. Whether you are onboarding new subscribers, re-engaging existing ones, or reaching out to cold prospects, this tool guarantees your messaging is captivating and tailored to your audience’s needs.

Semrush AI Writing tool has several significant characteristics:

  • Create captivating subject lines that are relevant to your campaign goals. You can use the produced subject line as is, or change it to what you prefer.
  • Reassure users once they sign up for a service, buy your goods, or change their profile information.
  • Send tailored emails based on a user’s decision not to renew a membership. To re-engage the customer, you might take this chance to provide alternatives or incentives.
  • Create welcome emails to greet new subscribers and help them through the subsequent steps in their consumer journey.
  • Create an email to engage with your leads in response to their actions.
  • Contact cold leads in a targeted and coordinated manner with specific business objectives to increase the likelihood of receiving a positive response.

Creating whatever type of email content with the AI Writing Assistant is quick and simple. All you have to do is provide data such as the language, level of inventiveness, tone of voice, target audience, and the name and description of your product or service.

Once you have fed these details into the AI tool, select the number of versions you want the program to generate and click the Generate button. Semrush AI provides personalized writing suggestions based on your audience.

You can select your favorite draft from the options and utilize it as is. As an alternative, customize it to reflect your distinct voice.


If you want to try Semrush AI Writing Assistant, it provides a free trial with a word restriction of 1,500. It is sufficient to launch numerous emails and gain a feel for the tool.

And with $25 a month, you receive unlimited app usage and access to 75 + content creation tools.

Klart AI Mail Assistant with ChatGPT

Klart AI Mail Assistant with ChatGPT

ChatGPT can assist you grasp context by summarizing. Integrated apps such as Klart’s AI Mail Assistant can help you leverage technology in your mailbox. Klart leverages ChatGPT to create a Gmail AI assistant that reduces the time spent extracting meaning from long emails.

If you get a lot of pitches or long emails, a summary tool might save you time. It can provide you with highlights and generate responses. Perhaps you prefer to compose your responses but spend a lot of time revising them to precision. AI Mail Assistant can edit your draft response and improve it.

It corrects grammatical faults and clarifies ambiguous language, ensuring that your messages are concise and free of errors. AI Mail Assistant has the following features:

  • Save time by summarizing email threads with a single click and responding without sifting through long exchanges.
  • Create rapid and precise responses to emails based on their content.
  • Fix grammar and style errors in your manuscripts with a single click.
  • If you receive or send emails in a foreign language, ChatGPT can translate them into 13 languages. This helps you overcome linguistic difficulties in international email exchanges.
  • ChatGPT for Gmail will evaluate your emails for ethical concerns, ensuring your communication is transparent and courteous.
  • Regardless of having an OpenAI account, you can ask ChatGPT questions from within Gmail.

Here is how to add ChatGPT to your Gmail Workspace:

To begin using the tool, open the email you need help with and select the Klart logo from the right-side menu. Then select the action you want the AI to perform.


Klart provides a free plan to receive five queries per day using ChatGPT version 3.5. If you want unlimited AI responses and access to the sophisticated ChatGPT 4.0, upgrade to a subscription plan starting at €4.99 per user, per month.



Missive employs artificial intelligence to help teams collaborate on email management. It is useful for customer support teams who handle a large volume of consumer inquiries. Missive’s AI email management assistant proposes the relevant email responses based on the conversation history, saving you endless hours of deliberation.

To ensure that your communication is on point, the AI learns your company’s tone and uses that knowledge to create unique and professional responses. Missive attributes include:

  • Using OpenAI’s potential, you can draft emails or answers. The AI recognizes the context of the conversation, allowing for pertinent and appropriate responses.
  • The AI may access your pre-set canned responses, utilizing them as a knowledge base to answer messages.
  • If a consumer emails you in a different language, Missive will translate it into English for you. It can then assist you in formulating responses in the recipient’s language.
  • Missive corrects your grammar, spelling, and sentence structure.
  • Say you have written an email from the beginning but want to shift the tone from business to casual. Missive can do it in seconds.

To use Missive’s OpenAI integration, register an OpenAI account, then generate an API key and enter it into Missive’s integration settings. Once set up, the OpenAI symbol will appear in your email composition window, allowing you to use AI features.


Missive subscription plans are free, priced at $14 per month per user without OpenAI integration, and $18 per month per user with OpenAI integration.


Warmer AI

Warmer is an AI email customization solution that tailors each part of your emails to enhance engagement and sales. Warmer employs AI algorithms to scan and analyze data from various sources, including LinkedIn profiles, webpages, and CSV files. It creates personalized email features like subject lines, body copy, and calls to action.

If you enter your prospect’s LinkedIn profile link, Warmer will search the page and extract relevant information. Warmer will use this information to begin your sales email with a customized complement. This level of customization guarantees that each email is relevant and engaging to the receiver.

It saves you time compared to by hand browsing your prospects’ LinkedIn profiles or websites. Warmer characteristics include:

  • The AI analyzes your prospect’s LinkedIn profile or website to generate tailored emails. It can handle large lists of people, making it beneficial for focused email campaigns.
  • It saves time by eliminating the need for hand-editing each email. The AI personalizes material depending on the information it collects, saving you time and effort.
  • Warmer tailors the content of your email based on its purpose.

Warmer is an independent app that does not require additional apps or integration with your email client. insert a LinkedIn profile, website URL, or CSV file, and the AI will generate tailored emails that you can export and send through your choice email client.


When you join up for Warmer, you will receive 10 credits for attempting it out. You can provide 10 prospects, and Warmer will assist you in writing 10 cold emails. When you run out of credits on your free plan, you can upgrade to a premium one. The affordable subscription costs $59 per month and provides 500 credits.



Mailbutler is an email AI helper that may help small business owners and marketers manage a large number of contacts and a busy work schedule. Mailbutler’s Contacts function is an effective tool for managing Gmail, Outlook, and Apple Mail contacts. It enables for the simple importation of your existing address book.

When you pick an email from an imported contact, Mailbutler displays detailed information about that person. You can change this information and create custom fields for details you want to keep track of. This tool transforms your inbox into a dynamic CRM, making it easier to keep track of key client information.

You can see previous interactions, such as emails and files sent. You may add lead sources and last purchase dates to get a 360-degree perspective of each contact. This is pertinent for small business owners who need to recall specific talks or agreements with customers and prospects. Mailbutler integration works in different ways for each email client.

  • Download the Mailbutler app, open it from the downloads folder, and then follow the installation instructions.
  • Get the Mailbutler AI email app from Microsoft AppSource. Once installed, click the three dots icon in the upper toolbar, next to the Reply and Forward buttons. Click the Mailbutler logo to access the Sidebar. You can then use Mailbutler in Outlook’s browser or the Outlook app.
  • To install the Mailbutler Chrome extension, go to your Gmail inbox and activate the Mailbutler sidebar in the Gmail navigation on the right.


Mailbutler pricing begins at $4.95 per month, and you can try its features with a 14-day free trial.

How to Select the Right AI Email Assistants?

How to Select the Right AI Email Assistant

Choosing the appropriate AI email helper can transform your email management and marketing operations. With numerous options available, each with its own set of features and capabilities, making the right choice can be overwhelming. One of the significant things to consider when selecting an AI email helper is data privacy and security.

According to IBM, 83% of the organizations they surveyed had one data breach. The ramifications go beyond financial loss, perhaps causing long-term reputational damage. Given the stakes, selecting an AI email helper with robust security safeguards is critical. End-to-end encryption ensures that unauthorized parties cannot read your data, and GDPR compliance ensures strong data protection.

Read the privacy policy to understand how data is used and stored. Several solutions provide local data storage options, allowing you to preserve sensitive information on your own servers. In addition to data privacy and security, there are numerous aspects to consider:

  • Check to see if the AI email assistants connects with your email client. Some tools support numerous platforms. This is critical since you do not want to change your entire email configuration to accommodate one new tool.
  • AI email assistants may perform various tasks, including email summarization, data extraction, CRM connection, and personalized content generation. Identifying which features are relevant to your needs and process is critical. Make a checklist of these critical capabilities and use it as a reference when comparing different possibilities.
  • Businesses, in particular small ones, face budget restraints. Numerous tools provide free trials or freemium versions, allowing you to test them out before committing to a monthly or annual cost. This is an effective approach to see if the product fits into your workflow.

Conclusion: AI Email Assistants

AI email assistants have space for improvement. You may use them to create tailored email opening lines and icebreakers, locate pertinent talking points to initiate discussions, and create subject lines that will make your email stand out in your prospects’ inboxes.

To make them work for you, review the generated content before utilizing it in your sales outreach. You will keep the quality of your outreach emails as high as possible while benefiting from the ability to automate a portion of the authoring process.

FAQs: AI Email Assistants

What is an AI Email Assistant?

An AI Email Assistant is a tool powered by artificial intelligence that helps automate various tasks related to email management, such as composing emails, managing inboxes, and optimizing email campaigns.

How can AI Email Assistants improve productivity?

AI Email Assistants can help automate repetitive tasks like drafting email responses, scheduling follow-up emails, and organizing your inbox, saving you time and streamlining your workflow.

Are there specific features to look for in the AI Email Assistants?

The AI Email Assistants offer advanced features like AI email writing assistance, personalized recommendations for email content and subject lines, and integration with tools to enhance productivity.

How can AI Email Assistants benefit email campaigns?

AI Email Assistants can improve email campaigns by helping in creating engaging email content, analyzing data to optimize performance, and ensuring timely and relevant follow-ups to enhance effectiveness.

Which are some of the popular AI Email Assistants available in 2024?

In 2024, some popular AI Email Assistants include Mailbutler, which offers features like templates, generative AI for email copy, and integrations with various email clients for seamless use.

Can AI Email Assistants help with writing emails?

AI Email Assistants can assist in various aspects of email writing, including composing entire emails, suggesting responses to emails, personalizing content, and helping in creating follow-up emails for better communication.

Do AI Email Assistants prioritize privacy and security?

Reputable AI Email Assistants prioritize privacy and security by implementing robust privacy policies and encryption measures to protect sensitive information shared through email interactions.

Are there free trials available for AI Email Assistants?

Some AI Email Assistants offer free trials or free plans for users to explore and experience their features before committing to a paid subscription, allowing users to assess their suitability for specific needs.

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