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By using Undetectable AI API to access humanization API endpoints, you can produce high-quality text that is indistinguishable from human writing from your flagged AI-generated content. This can help readers find your content interesting and relatable.

Undetectable have JavaScript, Python, and Shell sample code. The dark section to the right contains code examples, which you can view. The tabs allow you to change the examples’ programming language. You can list your documents, upload content, and retrieve documents by ID using API.

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Undetectable AI API: Authentication


API keys are used by Undetectable AI to grant access to the API. Through developer portal, you are able to register a new UD API key. UD anticipates that the API key will be sent to the server with every API request in the form of a header with the following format:

api-key: Your API key

Your unique API key must be substituted for Your API Key.

Rate Limits

There is a 3 request/second rate limit in place for each IP address. Please email if you require a higher limit.

Document Processing Time

Processing a document takes ten seconds on average. Checking whether a document is processed every 30 seconds after submission will yield the best results.


Every document processed has the same cost as it does on the online platform. You will need to buy words through the platform if you get a notification alerting you that you need words to process a document because your account’s word credits are used.

You can access the same functionality that is available on the platform through this API.

Undetectable AI API: Humanization


Send in Document

Text can be submitted to this endpoint for humanization. The term document is used to refer to these text input types.

HTTP Request: POST https://api.undetectable.ai/submit

Quality Parameters

  • Content: You wish to humanize this text 50 characters at least. Up to 15,000 characters are allowed.
  • Readability: The following values apply: University, Doctorate, High School, Journalist, Marketing.
  • Purpose: General Writing, Essay, Article, Marketing Material, Story, Cover Letter, Report, Business Material, or Legal Material are some examples of values that may be selected.
  • Strength: Quality, Balanced, or More Human are some examples of these values. This makes the humanization algorithms aggressive. Balanced is the default.

Get the Document

You can obtain the document object for a piece of content that has been submitted by using this endpoint. It is advised that you store the document ID locally in order to avoid making needless calls to the list endpoint.

HTTP Request: POST https://api.undetectable.ai/document

Quality Parameters

  • ID: The document object’s ID that was submitted for humanization.

List Documents

You can retrieve the IDs of the documents linked to your account using this endpoint. It is arranged in descending order of created time. By specifying the page, pagination lets you search through a large number of documents.

HTTP Request: POST https://api.undetectable.ai/list

Quality Parameters

  • Page: The pagination’s page number begins at zero. There are up to 250 documents on each page.



The majority of errors occur when the API receives incorrect parameters. Make sure each API call’s parameters are correctly formatted by double checking them, and try executing the sample code that is supplied.

The REST standard is followed by the generic error codes:

  • Error code 400 – Bad Request: The request you made is not valid.
  • Error code 401 – Unauthorized: There is an error in your API key.
  • Error code 402 – Payment required: You have run out of words.
  • Error code 403 – Forbidden: The requested resource cannot be accessed with the API key.
  • Error code 404 – Not Found: The requested resource is not available.
  • Error code 405 – Method Not Allowed: You attempted to use an erroneous method to access a resource.
  • Error code 406 – Not Permitted: The format you requested is not JSON.
  • Error code 410 – Vanished: This endpoint’s resource has been deleted.
  • Error code 429 – An excessive number of requests: You are requesting too much too often. Decrease the speed!
  • Error code 500 – Error on the internal server: There was an issue with our server. Attempt once more later.
  • Error code 503 – Service Unavailable: Due to maintenance, momentarily unavailable. Please give it another go later.


You get 250 word credits upon creating a new account, which you can use straight through the API. You can use your account to access the UD functionality by using the API endpoints. This indicates that the cost is the same as for the web platform and that the word credits are taken straight out of your account.

To find out how many word credits you currently have, go to your settings. For details on cost, visit the pricing page. Web callbacks and webhook integration are offered to clients upon request.

Frequently Asked Questions about Undetectable AI API

What is an Undetectable AI API?

An Undetectable AI API refers to an application programming interface that allows developers to integrate AI-generated content that can bypass AI detection algorithms and produce undetectable or bypass AI detectors.

How does an Undetectable AI API work?

Undetectable AI APIs utilize advanced AI writing tools and paraphrasing techniques to create Undetectable AI content that closely resembles human-written text, thus evading AI detection tools and providing high-quality content.

What are the benefits of using an Undetectable AI API for content creation?

Using an undetectable AI API allows for the creation of high-quality content that appears human-like and is Undetectable by AI detectors, which can positively impact SEO and content detection on search engines.

How can Undetectable AI APIs help in bypassing AI detection for content?

Undetectable AI APIs aid in creating undetectable AI content writing by utilizing paraphrasing tools and AI-generated text that is Undetectable by AI detectors and removes AI patterns from the content, thus evading algorithmic detection.

Can an Undetectable AI API produce content that is undetectable by plagiarism checkers?

Yes, an undetectable AI API can produce Undetectable content that is undetectable by plagiarism checkers, as it creates advanced AI-detector-proof content that avoids AI detection for duplicate or plagiarized content.

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