Apollo.io Review 2023: Sales Intelligence and Engagement Platform

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Apollo.io is a sales engagement platform that has gained significant traction in the industry in the past few years and is something that any founder or sales team should take into consideration.

We will go over what Apollo.io is in this post so you can decide if it is a prospecting tool that works for you. Even for the custom plan, we have Apollo.io pricing available. If that does not work for you, we will provide appropriate Apollo.io alternatives at every price range.

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Apollo.io is a sales automation tool that runs on the cloud. It is a tool for email outreach, contact database management, and lead generation. With Apollo, you can use filters such as industry, region, job title, and company headcount to find the right decision makers to speak with.

You have access to their business phone numbers and email addresses, which you can use to get in touch with them and offer your product or service. Apollo Sequences feature enables you to send automated follow up emails, LinkedIn messages, and cold calls.

Who Can Use Apollo.io?

Who Can Use Apollo.io?

Both small and large businesses use it because it provides a range of features and tools to help companies of all sizes increase lead generation and sales performance.  For some businesses, the platform might not be the best option. Particularly those who do not require such an extensive platform and have smaller sales teams or budgets.

B2B sales organizations are especially well suited for this platform. The businesses aiming to target:

  • Particular sectors
  • Business sizes
  • Job titles
  • Demographic Criteria

It is an excellent tool for sales teams who want to use a data driven approach to closing deals. It has comprehensive analytics and reporting features.

Sign Up and Onboarding Process

This action entails:

  1. Establish an account.
  2. Create a profile.
  3. Learn how to use the interface.

You can begin using Apollo in a matter of minutes after completing the simple sign-up process.

Apollo.io Pricing

Apollo.io Pricing

It is crucial to match your unique needs with the available plans when thinking about Apollo.io for your business needs. The following summarizes who might profit from each plan and the main distinctions between them based on the features offered in each:

Free Plan

The Free Plan is a good option if you are just starting out and need some basic tools for lead generation and email outreach.

The free plan is best for:

A basic set of tools without investing money is what startups, freelancers, or solopreneurs on a tight budget seek for when they are just beginning outbound campaigns or prospecting.

Key Features

  • Enables 250 email sends per day for users.
  • Two sequences only.
  • Just one topic related to buying intent.
  • limited ability to write emails with AI assistance.
  • Restricted API access and integrations.

Basic Plan

The Basic Plan is a great option for small businesses that want to streamline their outreach, handle records effectively, and conduct high volume outreach without putting in a lot of manual labor.

The basic plan is best for:

Small enterprises or sales groups with somewhat stringent outreach requirements.

Key Features

  • Export credits and mobile.
  • Capacity to choose up to 10,000 records simultaneously.
  • Six topics related to buying intent.
  • Sophisticated filters, bi-directional syncing with Greenhouse, and integrations.
  • Email monitoring.
  • Enrichment of data.

Professional Plan

The need for more sophisticated features becomes evident as your company expands.

The professional plan is best for:

Medium sized companies or sales teams that conduct extensive outreach campaigns and require options for customization and in depth reporting.

Key Features

  • Additional mobile and export credits.
  • SendGrid offers sending limits without caps.
  • Advanced fields with customizable reporting.
  • No limit on sequence.
  • Improved ability to write emails with AI assistance.
  • Call features, such as call recording and dialer.
  • Permission profiles, custom stages, and A/B testing.

Organization Plan

Advanced security features and a robust and highly customizable solution are often necessary for enterprises with sizable sales teams.

The organization plan is best for:

Larger businesses or organizations that require sophisticated features, integrations, and security setups. This is appropriate for businesses with sizable sales teams, comprehensive outreach programs, and unique needs.

Key Features

  • Needs five users at minimum and is billed yearly.
  • Highest export credits and mobile.
  • Topics with customizable buying intent.
  • Maximum email writing capacity with AI assistance.
  • Sophisticated features like SSO login, international dialing, and call transcriptions.
  • Improved access to APIs and security.
  • Reports that are customizable.

Choosing the Best Apollo.io Plan for Business Type

Budget Conscious Startups: If you are just getting started and have a limited budget, the Free Plan offers all the tools you need to start your outreach for free.

Small Businesses: The Basic Plan is an affordable option that offers a balanced combination of features for small businesses trying to grow their customer base and keep expenses under control.

Growing Businesses: With AI assisted email writing and dialer functionality, among other advanced features, the Professional Plan is perfect for business growth.

Enterprises: The Organization Plan extensive integrations, advanced customization, and security make it ideal for large organizations with complex needs.

The best plan will rely on your budget and particular business needs. Consider your needs carefully and choose the plan that fits your objectives.

How Much Apollo.io Cost?

How Much Apollo.io Cost?

The plans prices are as follows:

Free Plan: Ten export credits, five mobile credits, and unlimited email credits.

Basic Plan ($49/month): 250 Export Credits, 25 Mobile Credits, and Unlimited Email Credits.

Professional plan ($79/month): 1500 Export Credits, 100 Mobile Credits, and Unlimited Email Credits.

Organization plan ($99/month): 2000 Export Credits, 125 Mobile Credits, and Unlimited Email Credits.

When a contact is saved to the tool, email credits are generated. Make better use of Apollo credits for your company email and mobile marketing. Verified emails exported outside of the tool incur export credits charges.

You can evaluate Apollo.io advantages with a free trial before committing. In addition, monthly billing is required for an annual plan with Apollo.io. The most popular plan they offer is Professional. Determine your unique needs and then make your decision.

You can use export credits, mobile credits, and email credits for your sales outreach with any plan. With add-on credits, you can even personalize a plan to meet the requirements of your company.

How Apollo.io Can Benefit Your Sales Team?

How Apollo.io Can Benefit Your Sales Team?

We will go over the platform main features and how they can benefit your sales team in this section. Let start our analysis with the qualities for which it is well-known. This section of the Apollo.io review concentrates on the accuracy and coverage of its data.

Contact Database

Apollo.io database of over 200 million contacts and 60 million companies is one of its primary features. The database contains details about specific companies and professionals. They are dispersed throughout numerous areas and industries.

Sales teams will have access to a sizable pool of possible leads to target because of this broad coverage. Teams in sales can benefit from the platform data enrichment features. You can add additional information, like a company detailed profile on LinkedIn or Twitter, to your current lead and contact lists to make them better.

The platform sophisticated search and filtering features can be used to find leads that you might not have otherwise found.

Sophisticated Search Filters

Its ability to generate leads is yet another fantastic feature. It provides a multitude of filters to assist you in narrowing down your search parameters. For example:

  • New role
  • Opened more than two emails last week
  • Strong desire to buy
  • Merger
  • Quick expansion
  • Recent funding
  • New product or service
  • Cutting costs
  • Office expansion
  • New client signed
  • Award
  • Partnership

When using hyper targeted filters, such as when a company is trying to cut costs, you can use this information to create a compelling pitch for your product or service in cold calls and emails. With Apollo, you can use sophisticated filters to target prospects, such as:

  • Specific job titles (Boolean search and exclusion filters)
  • general job titles (Management level and departments)
  • company information
  • years in the present position
  • years in the field

Advanced filtering criteria like the following can be used:

  • Intent data
  • SIC codes: When a user of Apollo exclusively targets plumbing services, the SIC code is a better fit for that industry than the industry keyword because it targets a specific industry.
  • Technographic: This is an excellent method for determining which other software tools businesses are utilizing that you may be able to integrate with.
  • Headcount growth: This is a strong indication that the business plans to invest in growth and that revenue growth will occur in the future.
  • Funding: Closely linked to the increase in headcount.
  • Job posting: Using information from job postings, you can relevantly personalize your outreach.

You can store search parameters for later use, which facilitates the quick access and targeting of pertinent leads and accounts. Based on their propensity to become paying clients, leads can then be identified and ranked.

The tool provides real time results for searches. You can see how your search criteria are affecting things and make necessary adjustments.  A multitude of data is available on the platform, which can be utilized to target quality leads and create personalized outreach sequences.

Sales Engagement

Personalized Sequences are the way to simplify your outreach to potential customers. The sales engagement features of Apollo.io let users design unique outreach sequences. It consists of:

  • Cold calls
  • Follow-ups on LinkedIn
  • Follow-ups on email
  • Email outreach

Sequences can be customized to target particular leads or customer groups, allowing for individualized outreach through various media. Using a variety of channels for prospecting can increase your response rates.

CRM Integration

Although it has certain CRM like features, like deal management, a serious sales team would be better served by utilizing Apollo email tools and CRM integrations. It only connects to well-known CRM platforms like HubSpot and Salesforce as well as other lead generation sources like Gmail and LinkedIn.

Syncing data between Apollo.io and your CRM platform is one of the main advantages of the tool CRM integrations. Sales teams can utilize the integration to

  • Integrate the platform with their current processes.
  • Utilize it along with additional tools.
  • Better monitor and oversee their outreach initiatives.
  • Do not replicate their outreach endeavors.

With the help of Apollo.io enrichment feature, it guarantees that the prospect and contact information in CRM is correct and up to date. It also does away with the requirement for manual data entry.

Sales managers will find it useful as they can monitor team performance and pinpoint areas for development with the help of this data. The CRM integrations of the tool are advantageous. It is wise to verify that the data syncing is accurate and comprehensive.

Multi-Channel Capabilities

Apollo.io provides multi-channel functionality. It gives users the ability to communicate with prospects through a variety of channels.


You can generate and send customized emails at scale using this platform. You can create unique emails from scratch or utilize templates. Your ally in cold email marketing campaigns can be Apollo.io.

However, they do impose severe limitations on exporting a large amount of lead data and limit the use of mass cold emails.


It has an integrated dialer that lets you place calls right from the platform. Despite the fact that you pay more for those phone numbers. Therefore, you may want to keep an eye out for that if you are developing a cold calling team.

Social Media

It lets you connect with potential clients on social media sites such as LinkedIn, but its features are limited.

Apollo Tracking System

Your sales teams can benefit from the analytics and reporting features of the platform.

  • Monitor your engagement rates (call connect, email opens, and response rates).
  • Evaluate the ROI (return on investment) of your outreach initiatives.
  • Improve the effectiveness of your campaigns.

The majority of the features that Apollo.io provides are integrated with this one.

Email Tracking

Email opens, clicks, and replies are tracked by the tool. It provides you with information about how well your email outreach is working. In order to follow up on time, you can also set up alerts for when an email is clicked or opened.

Call Tracking

Numerous well-known phone systems are compatible with the tool. You can monitor call quality and activity with it. Additionally, follow-up tasks and call reminders can be set up.

Activity Feed

The tool activity feed offers a real-time view of every action a lead or contact has taken.

Analytics and Reporting

The tool provides useful reporting and analytics features. You can monitor important data like open, click-through, and conversion rates with it. Additionally, you can design unique dashboards and reports.

It facilitates monitoring your advancement toward particular objectives.

Pros and Cons of Apollo.io

We have compiled a useful list of Pros and Cons. Please just look at the pros and cons list and decide if you do not have the time to read the rest of the blog.


  • Sophisticated filters to identify leads.
  • Rapid email finding.
  • Authenticating and integrating seamlessly.
  • Quick access to contact details.
  • Chrome extension.


  • Out-of-date or absent contact details.
  • Features for free users are limited.
  • slow and erroneous data.
  • Absence of features and inability to customize.
  • limitations on credit and pricing.

Alternatives to Apollo.io

When searching for a sales engagement platform, a buyer may take into account the numerous competitors of Apollo.io. Apollo is regarded as one of the top instruments for sales outreach. You might want to consider your options.

Leaders in the market for sales engagement platforms are Outreach and SalesLoft. Other good choices include Autoklose, Yesware, PersistIQ, InsideSales Playbooks, Mixmax, and Groove. It is packed in here.

There are numerous Apollo.io substitutes available if gaining access to Apollo database is your primary motivation for purchasing, including Zoominfo, Lusha, Seamless.ai, Clearbit, and Uplead.

Because databases are essential to cold sales outreach, the market for them is crowded. You should think about the various alternatives to Hunter.io, including a free email finder.


Is Apollo.io financially worthwhile?

It depends on the budget and unique requirements of your company. The platform popularity among marketers and sales teams can be attributed to its:

  • Data coverage and enrichment
  • Sophisticated filtering and search features
  • Tools for automation and personalization

Apollo.io is a useful tool for companies trying to enhance their cold email and cold call outreach. Like any platform, there may also be some disadvantages to take into account. It could be difficult to integrate the platform with other programs. The tracking system on the platform has a lot of useful features as well.

Apollo.io Review 2023: Sales Intelligence and Engagement Platform –  FAQs

What is Apollo.io?

Apollo.io is a comprehensive sales intelligence and engagement platform that provides a suite of tools and features to help sales teams prospect, outreach, and engage with potential customers. It integrates with CRM systems and offers advanced analytics and data enrichment to power effective B2B sales workflows.

How does Apollo.io help with sales engagement?

Apollo.io offers a range of capabilities to enhance sales engagement, including up-to-date phone numbers, email addresses, and other contact information for millions of companies. It also provides powerful sales enablement and automation tools to streamline outbound efforts and help sales teams optimize their workflow for maximum efficiency.

What are the key features of Apollo.io?

Apollo.io feature set includes a comprehensive database of contact information, data enrichment capabilities, sales automation tools, and the ability to run personalized outbound campaigns. It equips the sales team with everything they need to effectively prospect, engage, and convert leads into customers.

How does Apollo.io compare to other sales intelligence platforms like ZoomInfo or HubSpot?

Compared to other platforms such as ZoomInfo or HubSpot, Apollo.io stands out for its focus on comprehensive data enrichment and its all-in-one approach to sales engagement. It offers a wide range of capabilities in a single platform, making it a powerful choice for sales teams looking to streamline their processes.

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