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ChatGPT opposes plagiarism and using artificial intelligence to complete your assignments. In order to prevent students from using ChatGPT for homework, the most popular AI chatbot has implemented security measures.

However, there are developers who are eager to allow students to cheat, as evidenced by the creation of ZeroWork.AI. Whether or not allowing students to cheat is still up for debate. This is what a lot of students all over the world have always wanted. 

The world is changing drastically with the introduction of highly functional AI such as ChatGPT-4. With ChatGPT, you can do a lot of awesome things. Microsoft Bing AI is another option. With the advent of AI meme generators, the meme making industry is also undergoing a revolution.

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Using artificial intelligence, ZeroWork.AI completes your homework. It functions similarly to ChatGPT but is only used for homework completion. Using ZeroWork.AI is legal. All you need to do is go to ZeroWork.AI official website.

It will use ChatGPT to generate your homework. It should just take a few minutes to sort through the assignments you do not want to complete. Simply upload your homework, then sit back and relax while AI completes the task.

How to Use ZeroWork.AI?

ZeroWork.AI is incredibly simple to use. Simply follow the below steps:

  • Check out the official website.
  • Click on Start here.
Click on Start here
  • Upload your homework by selecting a file or dragging it and dropping it into the box on the following page.
Upload your homework
  • Click OK.
  • Input the course name and press the Enter or OK keys.
Input the course name
  • Enter the textbook you are using here. Since it is optional, you can omit this step as well.
Enter the textbook you are using
  • You can teach AI about the course you are taking, even though it is optional. This will enable 100% accuracy from AI.
Teach AI about the course you are taking
  • Enter the email address to which the finished assignment will be sent.
Enter the email address
  • If you would like a message to be sent to your phone when your homework is finished, you have the option to provide it.
Enter the phone number
  • Click OK.
  • You must pay $5 per assignment or $20 per month if you want unlimited assignments. Click Submit even if you are not paying right away. Enter the details of your credit card if you would like to pay now.
Enter the details of your credit card
  • A page stating, we have received your homework assignment, will appear. Now it is being done by your AI.
We have received your assignment page

You will receive an email on the email you just entered once your assignment is finished.


That is all there is to know about ZeroWork.AI at this time. Because there are so many issues surrounding this AI tool, we are unable to predict if ZeroWork.AI ChatGPT will continue to provide its services.

Scholars and academics do not seem to be all that fond of this. Are we asking for too much from AI? Is our use of AI going too far? Time will tell, though. Enjoy this cool AI website while you can, until then.

FAQs – What is ZeroWork.AI?

What is ZeroWork.AI?

ZeroWork.AI is a revolutionary AI-powered homework app that utilizes ChatGPT technology to assist students with their homework assignments. It leverages advanced machine learning to provide accurate and prompt answers to a wide range of academic questions.

How does ZeroWork.AI work?

ZeroWork.AI utilizes ChatGPT, an advanced AI model developed by OpenAI, to process and respond to user queries. By inputting a homework question, assignment, or any academic prompt, the app generates accurate and reliable answers, making the homework process faster and more efficient.

Is ZeroWork.AI like TikTok?

No, ZeroWork is not similar to TikTok. It is an AI powered tool designed to help students with their homework and assignments, leveraging ChatGPT technology to provide assistance in academic tasks.

What can I use ZeroWork.AI for?

ZeroWork can be utilized to get assistance with a variety of academic tasks, including essay writing, answering specific homework questions, and getting explanations for complex concepts. It is a versatile tool for students looking to enhance their learning experience.

Can ZeroWork generate content for a viral video like TikTok?

No, ZeroWork primary focus is on helping students with their homework and academic assignments. It is not designed to create viral videos or content for TikTok.

How accurate and reliable are the responses from ZeroWork.AI?

ZeroWork leverages advanced AI technology and ChatGPT to provide accurate and reliable answers to academic questions. While it is essential to critically analyze the responses, the app aims to offer helpful and insightful guidance for homework and academic tasks.

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