20 Best AI Tools For Business in 2024

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Artificial intelligence is transforming businesses of all sizes and across all industries. By 2030, AI is projected to contribute over $15 trillion to the global economy. With the rapid pace of advancement in AI, more and more companies are leveraging AI-powered tools to work smarter, faster, and better.

In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the top 20 AI tools that can help take your business to the next level in 2024. Whether you want to create better content, improve customer experience, automate tasks or gain data-driven insights, there is an AI solution for you.

We will break down how each of these innovative AI tools can save you time and money while future-proofing your business. You’ll find real-world examples of companies using these tools to boost productivity, increase sales and enhance operations.

By the end of this guide, you’ll have actionable recommendations on the best AI software for different business needs and budgets.

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A detailed list On The 20 Best AI tools For Business In 2023.

1. Jasper – AI Writer and Content Creator

Jasper AI

First up on our list of best AI tools for business is Jasper – the leading AI writing assistant. Jasper is an advanced AI content generator that can write high-quality blog posts, social media captions, emails, ad copies, landing pages, and more in just minutes.

With Jasper, you simply describe what you need written and the AI will produce customized content for you. Jasper can churn out blog posts that are engaging, on-brand, and SEO-optimized. Artificial intelligence is trained on millions of web pages and materials to generate human-like content.

Key benefits of Jasper:

  • Write SEO blog posts 3x faster
  • Produce 100% original content with no plagiarism
  • Customize tone of voice for on-brand content
  • Integrate easily with WordPress and other tools
  • Schedule content to be written and delivered

2. Pictory – AI-Powered Visual Content Creation

Pictory AI

Pictory is a creative AI tool that lets you generate eye-catching visual content just by describing what you need. Simply type in a few words about the visuals you require, and Pictory’s AI will instantly produce professional images, social media graphics, YouTube thumbnails, infographics, posters and more.

The AI is trained on billions of data points to create visuals in any style you want. You can customize images by providing details on mood, composition, color palette and other attributes. The AI also suggests visuals based on your brand guidelines and keywords.

Benefits of Pictory:

  • Create unlimited AI-generated visuals
  • Customize images with detailed instructions
  • Produce branded visual content at scale
  • Integrates with design and marketing tools
  • Large library of HD images and illustrations

3. Murf – AI Meeting Assistant

Murf is an AI-powered virtual assistant that helps you be more productive in meetings. It works like an extra teammate by taking notes, generating action items, sharing summaries and more.

Simply invite Murf to your meetings on Google Meet, Zoom or Microsoft Teams. During the meeting, Murf will transcribe the conversation in real time. After the meeting wraps up, the AI assistant provides a searchable transcript, a highlight summary, and list of action items based on what was discussed.

Remote teams at companies can use Murf daily to ensure no key information is missed in virtual meetings. The AI meeting notes are shared with the team for reference.

Key features of Murf:

  • Real-time transcription of meetings
  • Automatic summary and action items
  • Integrates with top video conferencing tools
  • Syncs transcripts across devices
  • Smart voice commands

4. Speechify – AI-Powered Text-to-Speech

Speechify helps you save time by converting any text into lifelike audio using advanced AI. It’s like having your own personal audiobook narrator!

You can upload documents, articles, books, blog posts and more. Speechify’s AI will analyze the text and automatically generate a human-like voiceover. The AI voices are natural-sounding with proper intonation.

Apps can use Speechify to add audio to their templates and documents.

Key features:

  • Text-to-speech audio conversion
  • 75+ natural voices in multiple languages
  • Reads aloud blog posts, PDFs, ebooks
  • Creates MP3 files to share or listen offline
  • Customizable playback speed and voice

5. Reply.io – AI Meeting Scheduling

Scheduling meetings over email can be complex, tedious and time-consuming. Reply.io solves this problem using AI.

It works like an intelligent virtual assistant that understands meeting requests over email. When you CC Reply.io in an email thread, the AI scans the messages and automatically schedules meetings for you by communicating with all participants.

For instance, teams at Amazon use Reply.io to automate scheduling meetings, interviews, demos, and other appointments. This saves over 20 hours per employee weekly.

Benefits of Reply.io:

  • AI meeting scheduling over email
  • 1-click meeting invites and confirmations
  • Syncs calendars across 100+ apps
  • Reschedules meetings automatically
  • 24/7 virtual assistant

6. Lovo.ai – AI Customer Service Agent

Lovo.ai is an AI-powered chatbot platform for automating customer service and support. It uses NLP (natural language processing) to understand customer queries and immediately provide relevant answers or take appropriate actions.

For example, when a customer asks about order status, Lovo can instantly pull up the details and share it without any human involvement. If the query is more complex, the AI assistant seamlessly hands it off to a human agent.

Key features:

  • AI chatbot for website and messaging
  • Natural language understanding
  • Quick answers to common questions
  • Seamless hand-off to human agents
  • Conversational commerce

7. HitPaw Photo Enhancer – AI Image Upscaling

HitPaw Photo Enhancer is a user-friendly AI tool that enhances image quality. It uses machine learning to upscale images into sharper, clearer HD versions.

You simply upload your image or select one from your Facebook, dropbox or Google Photos. HitPaw’s AI takes care of the rest. It adds natural textures and edges to give images richer details and color volume.

The AI also removes artifacts, noise, sharpening halos and other imperfections. It helps bring old blurry photos back to life.

Key features:

  • Upscale images into HD
  • Improve clarity, resolution
  • Remove artifacts and imperfections
  • AI-enhanced details and textures
  • Batch process 100s of images

8. Synthesia – AI Video Generator

Synthesia is a powerful AI video generator. It uses machine learning to create realistic videos of digital avatars that look and sound like actual people.

To create a video, you simply upload a photo of the person and type in the script. Synthesia’s AI creates a near real-life replica of the person and generates an authentic video with their voice, mannerisms and animation.

For instance, companies use Synthesia to generate training videos, explainer videos, advertisement videos and more. The AI cloning saves massive amounts of time and cost.

Key features:

  • Create video content using AI avatars
  • Script videos with text-to-speech
  • Natural facial expressions and animation
  • Lip-syncing and voice dubbing
  • Integrates with video editing apps

9. Fireflies.ai – AI Website Feedback

Collecting user feedback is crucial for improving products, services and experiences. Fireflies.ai makes this easy through AI-powered web surveys and polls.

It lets you place feedback boxes across your website. As visitors browse pages, they can click to answer quick questions or leave open feedback.

Fireflies instantly analyze the responses using NLP. It surfaces key insights and suggests improvements based on real user data.

For example, Fireflies helped a learning platform uncover that students wanted more practice quizzes. This allowed them to tailor content better.

Fireflies AI Features:

  • Collect in-the-moment visitor feedback
  • AI analyzing of open text responses
  • Track satisfaction across user journeys
  • Quick polls and surveys across sites
  • Integrates with popular analytics tools

10. Images.ai – AI Image Generator

Images.ai lets you instantly generate unique, high-quality images through AI, without designers or complex tools.

Simply describe the type of image you need or upload any design mockups. Images.ai’s AI will recreate the image from scratch in seconds.

You have fine-grained control to customize the final output. The AI can apply your brand colors, fonts, textures, styles and other attributes to ensure consistent on-brand visuals.

For example, social media managers use Images.ai to quickly create multiple image variants for ads and posts to drive more clicks and conversions.

Key features:

  • Generate unlimited AI images
  • Turn sketches into finished graphics
  • Customize branding, text, styles
  • Create GIFs and short videos
  • Made for non-designers

11. Plus AI – AI-Generated Logos

Plus AI helps businesses and startups create a professional brand identity through AI logo design.

The AI logo maker guides you through the process from start to finish. Answer a few simple questions to describe your brand, industry, values and style preferences.

Plus AI instantly generates 10+ logo options for you to choose from. The AI logos are completely unique designs created just for your business. You can provide feedback to further refine and customize the logos.

Once selected, Plus AI will export your new logo in all file formats to use across your brand presence.

12. Feathery – AI Product Descriptions

Writing engaging product descriptions for ecommerce can be challenging. Feathery makes it simple through AI.

Just paste your product title, features, specs etc and Feathery will reword it all into compelling copy that sells. The AI generates lively descriptions optimized for SEO as well.

Equipment brand can use Feathery to refresh thousands of outdated product descriptions to increase sales revenue.

Key features:

  • Rewrite product copy using AI
  • Optimized for SEO and conversions
  • Fix grammar, spelling and plagiarism
  • Bulk rewrite 100s of descriptions
  • Customize tone of voice

13. Anyword – AI Website Copywriter

Anyword is an AI writing assistant that creates customized copy for websites and marketing materials.

Simply describe what you need written such as website content, taglines, newsletters, brochures etc. Anyword’s AI will generate human-like copy tailored to your business.

The AI is trained on millions of materials so it can match your brand tone and terminology. You can easily customize and collaborate on the AI writing through the software.

Key features:

  • Custom website and marketing copy
  • Blog posts, emails, social media, ads
  • Match brand tone and guidelines
  • Collaborative editing and feedback
  • Track and manage all content

14. Lyro by Tidio – AI Business Messenger

Lyro is an AI chatbot for your website that provides 24/7 automated customer service through messaging apps like WhatsApp.

It uses conversational AI to have natural text conversations. Lyro can understand questions, provide answers, recommend products, take orders and more. If needed, the AI bot can connect customers to a live human agent.

Studies show that Lyro chatbots increase sales conversion rates.

Key features:

  • Chatbot for WhatsApp and Messenger
  • Automated conversational AI
  • Respond 24/7 to sales and support queries
  • Seamless human takeover
  • Built for ecommerce stores

15. Neuraltext – AI SEO Content Editor

Neuraltext helps you optimize existing content for higher rankings using AI.

It analyzes your text and provides specific SEO recommendations to improve keyword usage, readability, and structure.

You can rewrite and edit content directly within Neuraltext’s intuitive editor. The AI gives real-time feedback to ensure you’re improving SEO with every edit.

For example, startups have used Neuraltext to overhaul their blog and website copy. This resulted in 2x more organic traffic in just a few months.

Key features:

  • SEO content analyzer
  • Rewrite and optimize text for keywords
  • Improve readability scores
  • Check grammar and plagiarism
  • Track progress and experiments

16. Copysmith – AI Content Writing

Copysmith is an advanced AI content writer that generates high-converting marketing copy for landing pages, websites, emails, social media ads and more. It creates persuasive copy optimized for lead generation.

The AI is trained on top-performing marketing materials and uses natural language generation. You can customize Copysmith’s tone of voice, keywords, messaging and other attributes to fit your brand.

For example, SaaS companies use it daily to effortlessly produce targeted copy for their campaigns and see significant lift in conversions.

Key Features:

  • AI-powered marketing copywriting
  • Optimized for conversions
  • Customizable tone and branding
  • Integrations with marketing platforms
  • Analyze performance to improve copy

17. Phrazor – AI Content Editor

Phrazor is an AI-powered tool that helps you edit and optimize existing content quickly. It provides suggestions to improve writing clarity, conciseness, engagement and SEO.

Just paste any text – the AI will analyze it and highlight opportunities to fix grammar, wordiness, passive voice, hard-to-read sentences and more. You can apply edits with one click.

Phrazor is great for streamlining editing of website pages, blog posts, emails, documents and ensures all content is high-quality.

Key Features:

  • AI analysis of writing style and optimization
  • Suggestions to improve clarity and engagement
  • Fix grammar, redundancy, readability issues
  • Rewrite content for brevity and impact
  • Customizable for brand voice and SEO

18. DataRobot – AI Predictive Modeling

DataRobot is an enterprise AI platform for predictive modeling and machine learning. It automates the entire data science workflow from data prep to model development and monitoring.

The AI Assistant features lets anyone build ML models quickly through automation, even non-experts. It delivers cutting-edge algorithms that outperform hand-coded data science.

Leading companies use DataRobot to uncover data insights, predict future outcomes, recommend next actions and optimize decisions.

Key Features:

  • Automated machine learning platform
  • Quickly build and deploy ML models
  • Natural language processing
  • Computer vision and time series models
  • MLOps monitoring and management

19. Replicate – AI Graphic Design

Replicate is a graphic design platform powered by AI. It provides fast access to high-quality artwork for marketing materials, social media, presentations and more.

Just type a text prompt describing what you need designed. Replicate’s AI artist instantly generates creative visuals like logos, FB/IG posts, banners, thumbnails in any style.

Designers at brands like Stitch Fix use Replicate to quickly ideate and experiment with different creative directions. It makes graphic design work faster and easier.

Key Features:

  • AI graphic design generation
  • Logos, social posts, banners, ads
  • Unlimited customized visuals
  • Detailed style and text controls
  • Integrates with design tools like Canva

20. Otto – AI Sales Assistant

Otto is an AI sales assistant that sits in your inbox and helps you close more deals in less time. It reads emails and helps you respond effectively.

Otto provides the context, next-best responses, and insights so you can have the perfect email conversation with leads. It reminds you when to follow up and keeps your pipeline updated automatically.

The AI assistant has helped sales teams improve win rates by 30-50% by enabling faster lead engagement and response.

Key Features:

  • AI sales assistant for email
  • Analyzes inbox and prompts effective responses
  • Alerts for follow up and lead engagement
  • Insights on customer sentiment and needs
  • Updates CRM with key details


There you have it – the top 15 AI tools that can boost your business in 2023 across content creation, productivity, visual assets, customer engagement and more. Each provides immense value at affordable pricing.

The key is choosing the right solutions tailored to your specific goals and needs. With the transformative power of AI, the possibilities are endless. The tasks and workflows these tools can automate will enable you to accomplish more in less time.

Just imagine being able to create endless engaging content, automate meetings, quickly produce branded visuals, improve customer satisfaction, and make data-driven decisions. The future is here. Take your business to the next level by leveraging these remarkable AI tools today.


What are some of the best AI tools for businesses?

Some top AI tools for business include Jasper, Copysmith, and Murf for content creation, Pictory and Images.ai for design, and Lovo.ai and Lyro for customer service. Otto, DataRobot, and Neuraltext are great for sales, analytics and content optimization.

How can AI tools increase productivity?

AI tools can automate repetitive tasks like writing, design, and scheduling to save significant time. They provide insights to optimize workflows. AI assists teams to get more done faster.

Can small businesses benefit from AI tools?

Yes, small businesses can see big productivity gains from AI tools. Affordable options like Murf, Speechify, Lovo.ai, and Otto provide automation for meetings, content, customer service and sales.

What is the best ai tools for small business?

Some of the best AI tools for small businesses are

  • Upmetrics: It’s AI that helps write business plans.
  • ClickUp: AI that assists in managing projects.
  • Jasper AI: AI that aids in writing content.


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