How You Can Earn Money With AI

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Artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming industries and creating new opportunities to generate income. As AI continues advancing, there are more ways regular people can learn to earn money with AI.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore some of the top methods for earning money with AI in 2023 and beyond. Whether you’re a coder looking to build AI apps or a non-technical person seeking more passive income streams, AI has something to offer.

Let’s get started!

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Why AI Represents a Big Opportunity

Before jumping into the specific money-making tactics, it’s helpful to understand why AI is a particularly lucrative field right now. Here are a few key reasons:

  • Growing Industry – According to a new report from Next Move Strategy Consulting, the current value of the AI market sits at around $100 billion. However, by the year 2030, Next Move forecasts that the market will surge to nearly $2 trillion, representing a 20-fold increase over today’s figure.
  • Valuable Applications – From self-driving cars to personalized recommendations, AI is powering innovations that provide tremendous value. This creates opportunities to monetize AI products.
  • Data Monetization – The fuel behind AI is data. With more companies accumulating data, there are new ways to sell or license access to high-quality datasets.
  • Startup Funding – AI startups are attracting record levels of venture capital funding. This provides opportunities to capitalize on the gold rush.
  • Talent Shortage – There is far more demand for AI skills than there is supply. Those who develop in-demand expertise can earn top dollar as talent.

Overall, AI represents a new technological wave similar to the mobile app boom. By riding it intelligently, there is major profit potential. Now let’s explore some tactical ways to capitalize.

How People Are Trying To Use AI to Make Money Online

6 Best Ways To Earn Money With Ai

You don’t need to be a programmer to make money with artificial intelligence. As AI permeates our lives, there are more ways regular people can capitalize on it as non-technical founders, content creators, and professionals.

Here are some of the top ways “everyday people” can earn with AI without coding skills.

1. Make digital content with AI

One appealing aspect of publishing AI content is leveraging AI tools to help generate articles, video scripts, and other assets. Check out these AI content creation platforms:

  • – AI content writer for blog posts and marketing copy
  • ChatGPT-  Latest AI Chatbot for content creation.

Other AI writing tools:

  • Rytr – Long-form content generation
  • ShortlyAI – Summarizes documents into short social posts
  • BlogNicheAI – AI blog topic and title generator
  • – Copywriting assistant for ads, emails, websites, and social posts

These can automate parts of the content creation process, allowing you to focus on high-value areas that require human intelligence and creativity.

2. Provide AI Consulting

The rapid emergence of AI means many organizations realize they need to formulate an AI strategy – but lack the in-house expertise.

This skills gap has created a demand for external AI advisors and consultants. As someone who understands how AI can drive business value, you can capitalize by offering AI strategic consulting.

Example services include:

  • AI opportunity assessment
  • AI technology vendor evaluation
  • AI roadmap and strategy formulation
  • AI ethics consulting
  • AI success plan creation

Look for clients struggling with AI strategies like small businesses, non-tech companies, local government agencies, educational institutions, and non-profits. Your knowledge can be very valuable, even if you aren’t developing the actual AI models yourself.

3. Create AI courses & training

Another option is to teach others about practical AI applications by creating online courses, workshops, and training programs.

For example, you could create video courses on:

  • Applying AI for small business

Online learning is projected to grow to $325 billion by 2025 (Forbes). By creating beginner-friendly AI training, you can grab a slice of this lucrative pie.

4. Invest in AI startups

For those with some investable capital, funding AI startups is a promising option.

CB Insights recorded $89.9 billion of venture capital funding invested into AI startups across 6,000 deals from 2016 to 2020.

As both an early Google and Facebook investor, billionaire Peter Thiel accumulated his multi-billion dollar net worth by betting on AI and tech trends early.

While not all AI startups will succeed, investing in promising companies innovating with AI can be lucrative. You don’t need to be an ultra-high net worth accredited investor either. With equity crowdfunding, you can invest in startups for as little as $100 these days.

Platforms like AngelList, SeedInvest and StartEngine enable you to browse and invest in exciting AI startups. This gives non-technical founders a stake in building the AI future.

5. Monetize an AI blog

Publishing educational content and thought leadership around artificial intelligence represents another hands-off income stream.

By starting an AI blog, YouTube channel or podcast, you can build an audience then monetize it through:

  • Premium subscriptions – e.g. $9/month for exclusive content
  • Sponsored content
  • Affiliate marketing – reviews of AI products/courses
  • Ad networks like Google AdSense

Look at sites like Emerj taking this content-centric approach to monetizing AI knowledge.

6. Start an AI-Powered Business

One of the best opportunities is building a business that strategically incorporates AI to differentiate its products, services, or processes. You can also use AI tools for this purpose.

For example, you could:

  • Launch an e-commerce store with AI-powered personalized recommendations
  • Start an insurance firm powered by AI claims processing
  • Build a recruiting business with smart talent search powered by AI

As long as you can secure the technical talent, almost any industry and business model can be enhanced using AI. Focus on your core competency then bring in AI firepower. AI Tools like ChatGPT can help you with this.

This does require learning enough about AI to know which applications make sense for your business. But you don’t need to be able to architect complex neural networks from scratch.

The great thing about content publishing is that it allows continuous learning. The more research you do to create useful content, the more you’ll elevate your AI knowledge over time.

How Developers Can Build AI Applications

For developers and programmers, perhaps the most straightforward path is building applications powered by artificial intelligence.

As AI techniques like machine learning and deep learning mature, it’s easier than ever to integrate “smart” functionality into apps and software. There are a few approaches developers can use to monetize AI apps:

1. Offer as a SaaS Product

One proven model is to create an AI-powered software-as-a-service (SaaS) product. For example:

  • An AI writing assistant SaaS that helps generate content
  • A computer vision API that detects objects in images
  • A predictive analytics platform for forecasting sales

By packaging the app as a subscription SaaS, you can earn recurring revenue from customers who integrate your AI capabilities into their business. This is a scalable play if you build core technology that many customers find useful.

2. Sell in App Marketplaces

Another option is to publish your AI app in a digital marketplace like:

  • Google Play Store
  • Apple App Store
  • Amazon AWS Marketplace

This follows a more traditional consumer app distribution model. The benefit is you can build mobile apps, browser extensions, Alexa skills, and more to reach various audiences. If your AI app delivers value to regular end users, this may be the right path.

3. Offer Custom Development Services

Lastly, you can offer AI development as a service. Many companies want to prototype and test AI capabilities or need help building their in-house AI tools. As an AI developer, you can capitalize on this demand by offering consulting and development services.

This is a great way to monetize your expertise, especially if you excel in domains like natural language processing or predictive analytics that are in high demand.

AI App Development Platforms

Thankfully, developers have fantastic tools available today to accelerate building AI apps, even if you don’t have a machine learning PhD. Some top platforms include:

Google Cloud AI – Pre-trained models, AutoML, Vision API, Natural Language API, and more.

Google Cloud AI

AWS SageMaker – End-to-end machine learning development and deployment.

AWS SageMaker

Other AI App Development Platforms are:

  • TensorFlow – Popular open-source library for machine learning.
  • Azure Cognitive Services – APIs for computer vision, speech, language, decision, and search.
  • PyTorch – Python-based open-source machine learning library.
  • Keras – High-level neural network API written in Python.

The abundance of mature frameworks, cloud services, model zoos, and drag-and-drop tools make it possible to build powerful AI apps without getting PhD-level knowledge of statistics and math.

For indie developers and startups, this lower barrier to entry unlocks huge potential.

Getting Started Making Money with AI

Hopefully, this article illuminated several practical ways you can start monetizing AI, whether you’re a developer building AI apps or a non-technical founder launching an AI business.

Here are a few key tips to begin capitalizing on AI:

  • Pick an Approach – Select one money-making tactic to focus on first. Don’t spread yourself too thin trying to pursue them all.
  • Develop Relevant Skills – Determine what skills are required for your chosen approach, then work to develop them. Take online courses to level up your abilities.
  • Leverage AI Where Possible – Don’t do manual work where AI tools can help. Use Anthropic to write content or RunwayML to design graphics.
  • Start Small, Iterate Quickly – Launch a minimum viable product to start validating your idea, then rapidly improve it based on user feedback.
  • Continue Learning – Consume educational AI content daily, such as Lex Fridman podcast and Andrew Ng courses.

Riding an AI wave to profitability requires rolling up your sleeves and getting hands-on experience. But by intelligently utilizing AI to provide value, the income potential is immense.

Now it’s your turn. Which money-making AI idea resonates most? The future won’t build itself.


How to use AI to make passive income?

You can use AI to make passive income in a few ways. Develop and sell AI products like chatbots or digital assistants. Create AI-generated content to sell. Use AI for tasks like automated trading. Building an audience around AI education can also lead to passive income streams.

Can I really make money with AI?

Yes, there are real ways to make money with AI. The most common is developing and selling AI products and services. Creating content with AI to sell, using AI for automated trading, and building an audience around AI are other proven ways people profit from AI.

How to use AI for investing?

Using AI for investing involves feeding market data into algorithms to identify patterns and make predictions. This allows for automated trading, portfolio optimization, risk management, and other applications. Key techniques include machine learning, neural networks, and natural language processing.

Can you make money with AI trading?

You can make money with AI trading but it requires significant research, data, and coding skills. Strategies involve using AI to scan news, process earnings reports, identify trends/patterns, and make quantitative models for entries, exits and position sizing. Thorough backtesting is critical before going live.


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