Can You Sell Midjourney Art as NFT?

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One of the best tools for creating AI artwork with text-based descriptions is Midjourney. Even though it is entertaining to use, a lot of people have recently begun to sell their AI artwork online, raising the question: Can you sell Midjourney art as NFT?

This article will clarify for you whether or not Midjourney images are suitable for commercial use, as well as where to sell your AI creations and the factors to take into account before doing so.

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Midjourney Images Commercial Use

Midjourney Images Commercial Use

Any image produced using Midjourney may be used for business purposes, and you are free to sell them. According to the U.S. Copyright Office current rule, machines are not considered writers.

The United States Copyright Office is now working on legislation pertaining to copyright and ownership of AI works. The common consensus is that AI work that has enough human authorship to sustain a copyright claim can be protected by a copyright.

The intriguing part is that any image created by AI art generators can be sold without restriction because ownership and copyright cannot be asserted for AI art.

General Commercial Terms

According to Midjourney terms of service, you do not own the Assets you create if you are not a Paid Member. Midjourney is subject to U.S. copyright law, which states that an author cannot be a machine and that ownership of AI art cannot be claimed.

By adhering to the terms of U.S. copyright law, Midjourney is also not the owner of the AI art. Because they do not own the rights to the art, even though they give the subscribers permission to sell the AI art, it is superfluous.

This reasoning allows you to sell AI art, whether it was made by you or someone else, that you find on Midjourney. As things stand right now, Midjourney, AI art generators, or anybody else does not own pure AI art. This could all change when and if the copyright for AI art is clarified.

Midjourney License

You are granted a license to use the Assets under the Creative Commons Noncommercial 4.0 Attribution International License (the Asset License) by Midjourney in accordance with their terms of service.

Midjourney is governed by U.S. Copyright Law, so they are unable to provide you with a license because they are not the owners of the assets (AI art). The decision to go with a commercial license when ownership of pure AI art is not possible is peculiar.

The commercial license should be reevaluated because it is useless, and the subscription plans should be based on performance improvements, producing Midjourney signature style art, and GPU availability.

Tips to Sell Midjourney Art as NFT

  1. Possess a sufficiently high resolution image, ideally 4000 x 7000 pixels.
  2. See what kinds of digital art are most popular on Etsy.
  3. Get ideas for your next AI artwork by seeing what kinds of AI art models are ranked highest in Civitai.
  4. When preparing the artwork for printing, use the PNG file format.
  5. Concentrate on a single niche and produce art with that specific audience in mind.
  6. Look at the kinds of products that ArtStation currently offers and consider making something for their store.
  7. AI artwork is ideal for stickers. Make sure to adjust the markup (profit %) to a reasonable amount (50-100%) if you use Redbubble.

Where to Sell Midjourney Art as NFT

Where to Sell Midjourney Art as NFT

Many people are currently creating stickers for Redbubble and selling digital art and printable wall art on Etsy. Although Redbubble new fee structure makes selling AI art there more difficult, you can still try other print-on-demand retailers like Society6 and Zazzle.

Some people are also creating AI art merchandise with Kittl. You can make logos and incorporate imaginative text into your design. It is an effective platform for a variety of uses. At the moment, ArtStation, several print-on-demand websites, and Etsy are the best venues to sell AI art.

There exist numerous avenues for generating revenue from the images you have created on Midjourney, provided you possess the requisite license.

Offer Your Creations as Stock Photos

Sharing the AI artwork you created with Midjourney on stock image websites and platforms that allow art trade as NFTs is the simplest and least time-consuming way to sell it. Each stock photo company handles AI art differently; some might let you upload any kind of AI art, while others might demand that you have an exclusive publishing license.

The stock image hosting websites listed below can be used to market your Midjourney AI artwork:

Sell Midjourney Creations on NFT Marketplaces

In addition to stock photo providers, you can trade your Midjourney creations on the following NFT marketplaces:

Create Products with Your Artwork

You can sell goods featuring your artwork on certain websites without having to make them yourself. You can check out the following websites if you want to sell images you made on Midjourney as tangible goods instead of creating them yourself:

If you would like to print your artwork on products yourself, independent of print-on-demand services, you can sell these products on the following marketplaces:

Offer Input Prompts for Your Midjourney Creations

Selling prompts is essentially a means of imparting to others your knowledge of using Midjourney to create AI images. Selling prompts will help interested parties save time creating their own image, as producing a quality piece of art can be a time-consuming process that requires you to throw multiple ideas to get the desired result.

The following list of websites enables you to get paid for the prompts you create:

Tips to Consider to Sell Midjourney Art as NFT

Prior to selling your artwork online, there are a few things you should think about when it comes to selling the art you created with Midjourney or any other tool for art generation.

  • Find out what rights you have to sell Midjourney art as NFT.
  • Verify if you are the sole proprietor.
  • Determine which website will accept your content.
  • Ensure that the highest resolutions are used when creating your images.
  • Do not copy the artwork or creative styles of others.


Midjourney offers substantial financial opportunities. All that is needed is knowing where to look. However, you need a strong portfolio to get there. Midjourney is not a scheme to get rich quick.  Share your artwork on all platforms, but particularly on Reddit, Instagram, and Twitter. If you can, enter contests.

Whichever approach you choose above, we can assure you that once you are well-known in the Midjourney community, the money will come when you sell Midjourney art as NFT. When you have a complete understanding of all of these, you can start earning money with Midjourney.

Frequently Asked Questions: Can You Sell Midjourney Art as NFT?

Can I sell my Midjourney art as an NFT?

Yes, you can certainly sell Midjourney art as NFTs. Midjourney art refers to AI-generated art created using the Midjourney art generator, and it can be listed and sold as non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on various marketplaces.

Is it legal to sell AI-generated art as NFTs?

As long as you have the rights to the AI-generated art and it does not infringe on any copyrights, you can legally sell AI-generated art as NFTs. It is important to ensure that you have the appropriate permissions for any components used in the creation of your AI artwork.

Where can I sell my AI-generated art as NFTs?

You can sell AI-generated art as NFTs on various NFT marketplaces such as OpenSea, Rarible, and Foundation. These platforms allow artists to create and list their AI-generated art as unique digital assets that can be bought and sold.

How can I monetize my Midjourney artwork as NFTs?

To monetize your Midjourney artwork as NFTs, you can start by listing your creations on NFT marketplaces and promoting them to potential buyers. Building a strong online presence and engaging with NFT communities can also help in monetizing your AI-generated art.

What are the steps to start selling AI-generated art as NFTs?

To start selling AI-generated art as NFTs, you can use AI art generators like Midjourney or other AI software to create and then list your artwork on NFT marketplaces. Ensure that you understand the platform guidelines and fees before proceeding.

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