GPTZero Microsoft Word-In Plugin: Get GPT Microsoft Word Add-In

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AI Detection

The GPTZero Microsoft Word-In plugin is simple to use, allowing you to concentrate on your work without interruptions. AI detection program, GPTZero, is now accessible as a Microsoft Word plugin. After reviewing hundreds of applications, the Microsoft Word team determined that GPTZero was the best reliable AI detection program.

They lobbied for a speedier method to make GPTZero accessible to millions of Word users throughout the world. With GPTZero’s cutting-edge AI detection algorithms, you can be certain that your work will be studied and compared to a large database of current AI-generated writings.

If you want to remove AI detection and bypass AI detectors use Undetectable AI. It can do it in one click.

How to Use GPTZero Microsoft Word-In Plugin?

How to Use GPTZero Microsoft Word-In Plugin?

You can see whether the writing was created by AI inside Microsoft Word. GPTZero is the first and only AI detector that integrates with Microsoft Word. Whether you are a student, teacher, and professional that values unique writing, GPTZero is the best tool for ensuring its authenticity.

The plugin is fast, simple, and free to install. To install the GPTZero word plugin in Microsoft Word, follow these steps:

  • Open the program (Microsoft Word)
  • Choose Insert
  • Click Get Add-Ins
  • Search for the GPTZero word plugin
  • Click Add

You may go to the Word GPTZero page for further information and a demonstration.

Key Features of GPTZero Microsoft Word-In Plugin

Use Origin to check the legitimacy of social network postings, news stories, and reviews on your favorite shopping sites. The options are limitless.

Recent Features of GPTZero Microsoft Word-In Plugin

Recent Features of GPTZero Microsoft Word-In Plugin
  • The capacity to recognize ChatGPT 4, LLAMA, and future generations of large language models.
  • A newly integrated confidence rating provides an additional degree of transparency.
  • Significant accuracy and upgrades.


GPTZero Microsoft Word add-in detects whether a Word document you are viewing was authored in part using AI. GPTZero is trusted by over 500,000 educators, hiring managers, admissions officials, and editors.

You may now use prediction engine to read and appraise papers. This add-in enables you to highlight and analyze text with the press of a button, resulting in faster and efficient processes. It is free to start. This program can read and edit your documents. It can transmit data over the Internet.

FAQs – GPTZero Microsoft Word-In Plugin: Get GPT Microsoft Word Add-In

What is GPTZero Microsoft Word-In Plugin?

The GPTZero Microsoft Word-In Plugin is an AI-powered tool designed to integrate with Microsoft Word and provide users with enhanced writing and content creation capabilities. It allows you to detect and work with AI-generated content, allowing for an efficient writing process.

How can I install the GPTZero Word Add-In?

It is simple to install the GPTZero Add-In on Microsoft Word. You can highlight the text you want to work with and go to run detection to access the capabilities of the plugin.

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