How to Use Jasper AI Recipes?

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One of the most recent innovations from the Jasper AI team is Jasper AI Recipes, which let you unleash the full potential of your AI-generating capabilities. We are going to teach you all how to use Jasper Recipes in this article so you can become even more productive and become an expert writer using Jasper AI!

Are you prepared to utilize Jasper Recipes? Let’s dive straight in.      

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Jasper Recipes

Pre-built workflows called Jasper Recipes include several Jasper Commands and serve as a template to help you create AI content even more quickly.

For instance, in the past, you had to launch Power Mode, select the Blog Post Intro Paragraph template, fill out all the details, generate the AI content, and then copy and paste your preferred intro paragraph into your long-form editor if you wanted Jasper to write an introduction for your blog post.

Now that Jasper Commands are available, all you have to do is enter Write an intro paragraph for a blog post titled [title] into your long-form editor, execute the Jasper Command, and in a matter of seconds, Jasper will read your command and produce an intro paragraph for your blog post.

Using Jasper Recipes

You must ensure that your Jasper account has been upgraded to the Boss Mode plan in order to use Jasper Recipes. To function, Jasper Recipes require a set of Jasper Commands, which can only be accessed by turning on Boss Mode.

Steps to Use Japer Recipes for AI Writing

Now that you have your Jasper account configured to use Boss Mode, let’s get started and show you how to use Jasper Recipes to write AI more efficiently step-by-step.

Select the Jasper Recipe

Select the Jasper AI Recipe

The first thing you must do is choose the Jasper Recipe you wish to use. Here, you have two choices: select a Jasper Recipe from the community or choose one of the Jasper Featured Recipes from the Recipe page.

Just click the Recipes page from the Jasper application to view the list of Jasper Featured Recipes.

After that, a list of Jasper Featured Recipes will be displayed for you to select from on the Recipes page.

To utilize one of the Jasper Featured Recipes, simply hover your cursor over the recipe and select Open recipe. Otherwise, just open the URL if you have it for a Jasper Recipe from the community.  

Run the Jasper Recipe

Run the Jasper AI Recipe

A paragraph describing the purpose and functions of the recipe will appear after you open the Jasper Recipe that you wish to use. After that, a section displaying the recipe with all of the Jasper Commands will appear.

Running your Jasper Recipe comes next. Click the Run button located in the upper-right corner of the recipe. The Jasper app will automatically create a new document for you with the Jasper Recipe copied over as soon as you run a Jasper recipe. The recipe will also be automatically saved to your account.

Change the Recipe Variables

Variables are going to be present in the majority of Jasper recipes. Each curly brace represents a variable. Change each of these variables to reflect the things that are appropriate for the kind of content you want to write and produce.

Remember that until we run some of the Jasper commands, some of these variables won’t be able to be filled in. For instance, you can change those variables if you already know the format of your blog post.

Understanding Commands, Inputs, and Variables

To create a recipe, you must comprehend the fundamentals of Jasper’s operation. Here’s a brief synopsis:

Commands: You can think of commands as the components of a recipe. They direct Jasper’s actions.

Inputs: The bits of information you provide to Jasper are called inputs. For instance, the title, topic, and keyword could be your inputs when writing a blog post.

Variables: Variables are similar to informational placeholders. They aid Jasper in comprehending your intentions. For instance, if you’re writing a blog post, {title}, {topic}, and {keyword} could be your variables.

Run the Jasper Commands

Use the keyboard shortcut Cmd + Enter on Mac or Ctrl + Enter on Windows to execute Jasper commands after making sure your cursor is at the end of the line. You can start executing each of the Jasper Commands sequentially after substituting the desired content for each variable.

The majority of your content should be produced by Jasper AI for you after executing each command in the correct order for your Jasper Recipe.

Add Additional Content as Required

To get Jasper to write more, just move your cursor to the desired location and click the Compose button. Alternatively, you can use the keyboard shortcuts Cmd + J for Mac or Ctrl + J for Windows to get Jasper to write more.

In order to obtain context and write more content for you, Jasper will read your previous 2000–3000 characters. Jasper can only read the previous 600 characters on the Starter plan, so one big benefit of using Boss Mode is this 2000–3000 character lookback.

You can lead Jasper by beginning your sentences with transition words to achieve even better results. The following list of transitional words will assist Jasper in producing even better content.

  • To summarize my point
  • In conclusion
  • Lastly
  • Another example of [topic] is
  • Some of the main benefits of [topic] are
  • In my experience
  • For example
  • In other words
  • As a matter of fact
  • First of all

You can be even more precise with your transitions if there’s a particular topic you’d like Jasper to write on.

Using the Compose Feature in Jasper AI

You can use the built-in compose function if you would like to let the AI continue to work on your constant after it has completed a recipe command.

For your particular article, you should fill in the title and content brief sections. We also advise keeping the output length to small or medium. When Jasper is set to long, it can get distracted easily, which means you’re wasting word credits.

Using Power Mode in the Long-Form Editor

You can easily copy and paste any of Jasper’s templates using the power mode tab. These are the brief forms for particular purposes.

  • Content improver
  • Paragraph generator
  • Sentence expander

People usually use those templates the most when writing long-form contacts in Jasper. But once more, remember to edit Jasper’s work and add to it with original, voice-driven writing. Not only does this produce far better content, but it also teaches Jasper how you want it to sound.

Creating Your Own Jasper Recipe

Creating Your Own Jasper AI Recipe

Let’s now discuss how to use your Recipes page to create your own Jasper recipe. To create your own Jasper Recipe, follow these steps:

  • From the Jasper app, navigate to the Recipes page.
  • Press the New recipe icon.
  • Enter the title.
  • Fill in the optional Description field.
  • Put your Jasper Commands in writing.

You can make a YouTube video and then paste the link in the YouTube explainer video URL box to provide users with an easy way to view your Jasper Recipe tutorial, if you want to make it even easier for others to understand how to use it.

Remember that you are under no obligation to make a video; you are under no obligation to use this YouTube URL.

Formatting Jasper Recipe

To ensure that others use your Jasper Recipe correctly, there are a few formatting options you should be aware of when creating your own. Jasper commands should be indicated in a recipe by putting the > character before each command.

In a recipe, variables should be indicated by enclosing the variable name in curly braces. The people using your Jasper recipe will then swap out these variables.

Deleting Jasper Recipes

It’s quite simple to remove a Jasper recipe from your Recipes page, if you’re wondering how to do that. To remove a Jasper Recipe, take the following actions.

From the Jasper app, navigate to the Recipes page.

To remove a Jasper recipe, click Edit next to it.

Select the Delete button by scrolling to the bottom of the Jasper Recipe.

You can now delete that jasper recipe from your list of jasper recipes.

Sharing Jasper AI Recipes

Sharing your Jasper AI Recipe with other users is another option. All you have to do is click the Share button on your Recipe page. After that, you have three sharing choices.

Private: Exclusive to users with access to your account.

Public: By using the shared URL, anyone with internet access can view it.

Published: search engine indexed and discoverable within the Jasper AI community.

Anyone with the public-facing URL that you share a recipe with can access it, but they need to log in to execute the recipe.

Maximizing the Benefits of Jasper Recipes

There are a few things you can do to maximize the benefits of your Jasper recipes:

  1. Give as much detail as you can in your inputs.
  2. Observe the guidelines provided in the recipe.
  3. Make use of reliable content sources.
  4. Employ pertinent keywords.
  5. Don’t hesitate to try new things.

You’ll have no trouble using Jasper recipes to create incredible content if you adhere to these pointers.

Surfer SEO Integration

Surfer SEO integration with Jasper AI

Integrating SurferSEO with Jasper is something you should do if you’re serious about creating content. An SEO analysis tool called SurferSEO offers data-driven insights to help you make your content better.

You can receive immediate feedback on your content through the integration of SurferSEO with Jasper, allowing you to make necessary adjustments as needed.

Be Creative and Non-Linear

Thinking outside the box is the best way to make the most of Jasper. Use Jasper as an instrument to enhance your content creation process rather than substituting human writers for it. For instance, you can conduct research, come up with ideas, or draft content outlines using Jasper recipes.

You’ll be able to utilize Jasper to its utmost and produce incredible content quickly by thinking creatively.

5 Reasons to Use Jasper AI Recipes

The top 5 reasons to use Jasper AI recipes are:

  1. Using jasper AI recipes is easy and can help you make the most of your assistant.
  2. To utilize a recipe, just ask Jasper for it by name, then adhere to the directions.
  3. Additionally, recipes can be imported into Jasper from the internet. Just click the jasper icon on the recipe page, then choose import recipe.
  4. You can use recipes for a number of tasks, such as sending messages, setting alarms, and adding events to your calendar.
  5. Make sure to return frequently for updated and new recipes, as Jasper AI is always picking up new ones.

Jasper AI Recipes: Pros and Cons

It’s now time to go over the real benefits and drawbacks of Jasper AI Recipes.

Pros of Jasper AI Recipes

  • Distribute among others
  • Gain free access to a ton of recipes.
  • You are able to make your own recipes.
  • A recipe that has been made by someone else is usable.
  • Makes writing easier and faster
  • For any type of content, you can easily create recipes.
  • Simple to use
  • There are no similar features in any other AI tool.

Cons of Jasper AI Recipes        

  • Only the $119/month Boss Mode Plan has access to recipes. Thus, not everyone can afford it.

Jasper AI Favorite Recipes

Jasper AI favorite recipes

Asking Jasper for a recipe by name and following the directions is the best way to use an AI recipe. Additionally, recipes can be imported into Jasper from the internet.

Make sure to verify the source when searching for recipes on the internet. Finding recipes from reliable sources is crucial because some recipes are better than others.

  • Cold Email Recipe
  • Landing Page Recipe
  • About Page Recipe
  • Social Media Post Recipe
  • Blog Post Recipe
  • The Idea Factory
  • The Hero’s Journey Outline
  • Rewrite/Expand Blog Posts
  • The Perfect Non-Fiction Book Introduction and Outline
  • Video Script Blueprint and Show Notes
  • Facebook Ad
  • Product review Blog Post


Jasper recipes are a very effective tool for producing content. You are now prepared to begin cooking after learning how to use Jasper AI Recipes. If you don’t already have an account, you can sign up for the Teams plan, try Jasper AI Recipes, and get your 7-day free trial with unlimited words.

With the help of this Jasper Recipe tutorial, we hope you can become an expert AI writer with Jasper and start producing content even more quickly than before.

How to Use Jasper AI Recipes – FAQs

What is Jasper AI Recipes?

Jasper AI Recipes is a powerful AI writing tool that allows you to generate high-quality content using artificial intelligence. It uses natural language processing to assist you in creating various types of content like blog posts, product reviews, and more.

How do I use Jasper AI Recipes?

To use Jasper AI Recipes, you need to first create a Jasper account, and then sign in to your dashboard. Once you’re logged in, you can simply enter the content you want to create, provide an outline or specific instructions, and let Jasper do the rest. It’s as simple as that!

Can I use Jasper AI Recipes to write blog posts?

Absolutely! Jasper AI Recipes is perfect for writing blog posts. You can easily provide a blog post outline or specific instructions to Jasper, and it will generate the content for you. It saves you time and makes the content creation process much faster.

Is there a free trial available for Jasper AI Recipes?

Yes, Jasper AI Recipes offers a free trial so you can test out its features and see how it works for your content generation needs. This allows you to familiarize yourself with the tool before committing to a subscription plan.

Can I use Jasper AI Recipes to generate content in different languages?

Currently, Jasper AI Recipes is only available in English language. However, you can use it to create content in any niche or industry.

How does the Jasper boss mode plan work?

The Jasper boss mode plan is a premium subscription that offers additional features and benefits. With the boss mode plan, you get access to advanced recipe features, the long-form editor, affiliate program, and more. It’s a comprehensive plan for power users who want to take their content generation to the next level.

Can I share my Jasper recipes with other people?

Yes, you can share your Jasper recipes with other people. Jasper provides you with the option to collaborate and work on recipes together, making it easy to share your content creation process with your team or clients.

How can I delete a recipe in Jasper AI Recipes?

To delete a recipe in Jasper AI Recipes, simply go to your dashboard, find the recipe you want to delete, and click on the delete button. Confirm the deletion, and the recipe will be removed from your account.

Can I use Jasper AI Recipes with other writing tools?

Yes, Jasper AI Recipes can be used alongside other writing tools. It complements your existing writing process and helps you generate content faster and more efficiently.

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