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Businesses are looking for ways to improve communication and expedite client interactions. Layer AI, a business that is leading the way in using artificial intelligence to transform game art. The goal of Layer AI is to provide game developers with quality art.

This blog is about Layer AI, its features, and potential to transform gaming industry in the future.

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Layer AI

Layer AI

Layer use AI to provide quality art to game developers. Layer was established by prominent figures in the mobile gaming sector with the goal of providing developers with access to top-notch game art.

You may create production-ready assets in your own brand design with a few clicks. Game studios of various sizes depend on Layer AI worldwide to expand their live operations pipelines, marketing content, and creative asset production.

Layer AI is used and trusted by top game developers such as:

Why Use Layer AI?

Why Use Layer AI

Layer goal is to provide top-notch art to game developers. Use Layer AI to:

  • Advanced technology
  • Built for speed
  • Unique
  • Value to studios

Unique Aspects of Layer AI

Unique Aspects of Layer AI

Layer has advanced features designed to solve real development challenges. The unique aspects of Layer are:

  • Produce assets that are able to undergo production. Use copyright-compliant model to create game components.
  • Support artists and designers. Provide advanced tools to your in-house art staff so they can enhance their output.
  • Extend player-acquisition initiatives. Attract prospective consumers with an endless supply of premium marketing content.
  • Bring ideas for games to life in a variety of artwork. The potential to rapidly iterate visuals based on concepts simplifies pre-production.

Layer AI: Privacy and Security

Privacy and Security

Layer is designed to help large-scale gaming companies grow their workforces. Layer upholds strict privacy and security standards to assure safety and compliance across the whole organization. Layer is the sole gaming gen AI supplier in the world to be SOC 2 compliant.

Layer is suitable for large-scale businesses because it is made to safely process and store data at the advanced levels. Your information safe and private and passed the required checks to assure that it is correct and available when needed.

  • Install tools with domain capture, SCIM provisioning, SAML SSO, and network access controls across the whole organization.
  • Handle billing and users for the whole organization from single safe dashboard.
  • Generation of private assets compliant with SOC II, audit logs, and compliance features.

Layer AI: Plans and Pricing

Plans and Pricing

Layer has four plans with monthly and annual billing available.

  • Free plan
  • Pro plan
  • Studio plan
  • Enterprise plan

Free Plan

Choose from 40 + art styles to explore Layer’s fundamental asset creation and editing features.

  • 600 variations per month
  • Layer starter styles
  • Open source community styles
  • Storage: 1GB
  • Typical generating rate
  • Community support
  • No cost

Pro Plan

Instruct AI to draw in your own style and provide dependable game content for your independent project.

  • 6000 variations per month
  • Show AI your distinct style
  • Produce up to five artistic genres
  • Storage: 50 GB
  • Quick generation
  • API access
  • Pricing: $30 per month and $306 per year

Studio Plan

Build a team workspace and work on multiple projects with your team.

  • 50 percent quick training speeds
  • Infinite generations
  • Produce 50 styles plus 10 per seat
  • Concurrent instruction in style
  • 500GB + 1 TB of storage per seat
  • Quickest generation
  • Cooperative workspace
  • Transferable assets
  • History of assets: 10 revisions
  • Real-time cooperation
  • One project
  • Pricing: $149 per seat per month and $1520 per seat per year

Enterprise Plan

Collaborate with the Layer team to streamline the processes of your artists.

  • Infrastructure Priorities
  • Build 20 + 100 styles per seat.
  • Ten training modalities at once
  • 1 TB + 5 TB of storage per seat
  • 100+ styles are trained each month.
  • Ten projects
  • User permissions and roles
  • SSO assistance
  • Audit history
  • Assigning roles using SCIM
  • Control over guest/vendor access
  • Webhooks
  • Protection of files with a password
  • Committed Account Assistance
  • Pricing: Contact Layer AI


Layer AI is a leader in AI game art. By personalizing experiences and automating processes, Layer AI enables organizations to run more effectively and efficiently. Layer AI has the potential to further transform gaming industry as AI develops.

Layer offers an intriguing solution that is worth investigating, regardless of your goals.

Frequently Asked Questions about Layer AI

What is Layer AI and how does it work?

Layer is an advanced artificial intelligence technology that powers the creation of game assets, apps, and marketing content. It leverages the power of AI to enable developers and creators to generate premium assets without manual intervention.

How can Layer AI benefit game studios?

Layer offers game studios a productivity tool by providing professional game art, game assets, and marketing assets. By using the platform, game studios can improve their team’s productivity and create premium assets.

What are the key features of Layer AI?

Layer excels in generative capabilities, offering variation in art styles, game assets, and marketing assets. It supports blockchain technology. Layer AI updates regularly to keep up with the latest trends and user preferences.

How does Layer AI address privacy concerns?

Layer prioritizes privacy and data security by following a strict privacy policy. User data is protected and used responsibly.

Can Layer AI be used to create apps and marketing assets?

Yes, Layer is a versatile tool that can be used to develop applications and generate marketing assets. Its capabilities extend to app development, ad creation, and network optimization.

How to get started with Layer AI?

To begin exploring the potential of Layer, users can join the platform, enable their accounts, and start creating assets. The platform offers onboarding support to help users familiarize themselves with the tools and features available.

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