Lex.page AI Writer Review: Lex AI Writing Assistant in 2024

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Lex.page combines a Google Docs-style editor with AI to help you write. Lex, dubbed the modern writing platform, uses AI to produce essays, articles, and tales, allowing you to overcome writer’s block. Lex is now trained using data and has a vast amount of information.

Lex is user-friendly and smooth to setup and start typing. If you are searching for the mix of writing and AI technologies on the market, give Lex a try. Lex is a word processor with artificial intelligence, which means it is there to help you write better, quicker, and overcome writer’s block.

It does this by providing recommendations and thoughts depending on the context of what you are writing. Lex improves its grasp of your writing style and themes. Lex will become tailored to you, which is remarkable.

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Lex.page: How Does It Work?

Lex.page: How Does It Work?

Lex is a simpler version of Google Docs with integrated AI functionality. It contains a toolbar at the top that includes fundamental writing functions, such as bold, italics, and headers. When writing in Lex, you use +++ to ask it to fill in the blanks for you. The tool cannot be used to create comprehensive long-form generative material in the same way that Jasper or HyperWrite can.

For shorter works and continuations, such as blog posts or articles, it can be used for breaking through writer’s block and writing. When you begin a discussion with Ask Lex, you may ask these starter questions depending on what you know:

  • Receive comments on your draft
  • Obtain feedback on your article concept
  • Refine your introduction
  • Identify the weak arguments
  • Overcome the writer’s block

Key Features of Lex.page

Key Features of Lex

There have been AI-powered editors released in the previous year.

What distinguishes Lex?

It is attempting to give something sophisticated or advanced, but rather to augment your productivity and alleviate your problems. Here are some of the characteristics of the tool.

Current Updates and GPT-4

You may choose the language model that you wish to use with your work. GPT-3, GPT-4, and ChatGPT are the possible options. They included a creativity level slider to let you choose the degree of risk you want. Inventiveness will result in rich and distinctive phrases, but they may make less logical sense.

Less innovation will result in simpler and basic solutions. Lex is ideal for logical and methodical writing.

Ask Lex

With Lex, there is a feature called Ask Lex that enables you to answer your questions without leaving the website. This is a useful tool that may save you a lot of time.

Lex Content Versus Human

Lex allows you to highlight portion of your document and add a remark. Lex is ideal for thinking, rewriting, or writing. Lex has a function that shows you what text it created against what you entered. This option is labeled show AI hidden text and appears as an eye in the toolbar.

This is useful if you create an article over a long period of time. The AI will underline where it made modifications, allowing you to observe how your work progressed.

Automatic Drafts and Article Outlines

Lex provides unique Drafting and Outline functions. It will create comprehensive post outlines or drafts based on the sort of article you are writing (academic, blog entries, and news pieces). Lex creates outlines from which to work. Writers may build on these topics to construct articles.

Command Bar

Lex.page has included a command bar, which allows you to continue typing without breaking your productivity. Hitting Command + k (on Mac) or Control + k (on Windows) displays the menu bar, which allows you to produce additional material, modify heading size, add bulleted and numbered lists, format words, and add code.

Lex.page is becoming the MacBook of AI authoring tools. Simple to use and work with, regardless of technical skill level or competence.

Request Feedback from AI

You may ask Lex.page for comments on your writing by typing your article and entering the command bar. You will notice some feedback on the style, grammar, and rationale.

Heading Creation

When you are writing and want to make header text, press enter and type the # symbol. The editor will shift the cursor to type header text. Enter your headline and continue writing.

  • # makes a H1
  • ## makes a H2
  • ### makes a H3


Lex.page has a comments tool for adding to your drafts. If you know you will need to go back and examine a page, you may leave comments with recommendations and revisions. Document collaborators, like Google Docs users, may provide input and evaluate material.

If you are working with a lengthy page, you may use the up and down arrow keys to navigate between comments.

Version History

Lex.page enables you to save several versions of a document, which is beneficial for collaboration or before making big changes.

  • When you begin with an outline, save a version before you delete your bullet points.
  • When sending a draft for feedback, save a version before beginning any edits.

Writing Statistics

You may organize the material you generate with Lex by moving it into folders. If you plan on writing a lot, you should clean up your workflow. Lex added streaks, which are comparable to the GitHub contributions page. Streaks allow you to track how long you have been writing and updating your material.

This might be beneficial if you are attempting to track your growth as a writer.

Lex.page: How Much Does It Cost?

Lex.page: How Much Does It Cost?

Registering an account is free. You should remove yourself from the waitlist before you can use the tool. You receive an invitation within a week or two. There are around 25 thousand individuals on the waitlist, so you may have to wait a little longer before you can start with Lex.

If you want to test Lex for yourself, join up for the waitlist here. When you join up, check in with your Google account, and you will be notified by email when a seat opens up.


If you are a writer, Lex is worth checking out. It might be the writing boost you need to take your work to the next level. Lex is a valuable tool to have, and it can improve from here.

What do you think of Lex?

Have you tried it yet?

How do you think it compares to AI writing tools available on the market?

FAQs – Lex.page AI Writer Review

What is Lex.page AI Writer?

Lex.page AI Writer is an advanced AI writing tool provided by Lex.page. It is designed to assist writers in 2024 by using artificial intelligence algorithms to generate content.

How does Lex AI Writing Assistant in 2024 differ from writing tools?

Lex AI Writing Assistant in 2024 stands out as a powerful AI-powered writing tool that helps you write. It uses GPT-3 technology to provide context to what you are writing, enhancing your writing experience and enabling you to write faster with its user-friendly interface.

Can Lex AI be integrated with Google Docs for collaborative writing?

Yes, Lex AI can be integrated with Google Docs to facilitate collaboration among writers. Its innovative features enhance the writing process and improve collaborative efforts in creating quality content.

How does Lex AI Writing Assistant help in overcoming writer’s block?

Lex AI Writing Assistant offers tools such as ask Lex and suggestions to help you overcome writer’s block. By providing writing advice and enhancing creativity, Lex empowers you to get better results in your writing.

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