Data Scientist and Data Science Jobs: Will Data Science Be Automated by ChatGPT?

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If you are reading this, you are presumably working in the data sector or wanting to get into it. With the breakthroughs in generative AI over the last year, you are scared will data science be automated by ChatGPT.

AI may boost productivity and communication across data teams, but it could never replace the real job humans were performing. We have seen paradigm-shifting developments in the area of generative AI.

In this post, we will reconsider perspective on the future of data science in light of current breakthroughs in the area of generative artificial intelligence. We will investigate the issue and leave it to you, the reader, to decide if generative AI will make data scientists obsolete.

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Will Data Science Be Automated By ChatGPT: Why Data Science Jobs Are at Risk?

Why Data Science Jobs Are at Risk?

ChatGPT Can Write Code

Data scientists spend between 40% and 50% of their time creating code. ChatGPT has become quite proficient at writing code. The chatbot has passed coding interviews at prominent firms, can convert hand-drawn designs into functional websites, and creates database tables from user stories in seconds.

The methodology reduces the time required to perform coding work from 9 weeks to a few days. This is 20X increase in efficiency, which will decrease the number of workers required by firms to execute programming jobs.

ChatGPT Can Collect and Analyze Data

You are probably thinking, Programming is just a tiny portion of what data scientists do. Data scientist’s responsibilities include machine learning modeling, statistical analysis, and providing insights to stakeholders. ChatGPT can accomplish these things.

The model’s new Code Interpreter plugin, titled Advanced Data Analysis, enables you to upload and analyze data from the ChatGPT interface. The model was able to preprocess the dataset, determine the number of clusters for K-Means clustering, construct the algorithm, and provide data-driven insights based on its result.

ChatGPT advanced data analysis

According to Business Insider, programming and analytics-related professions are among the likely to be automated away by AI. A senior scholar at the Brookings Institute who has studied the influence of AI on the American workforce, believes that this is due to ChatGPT’s ability to create code quicker than humans, analyze data, and forecast results.

Bridge the Gap Between People and Technology

Non-technical stakeholders find it difficult to interpret data given in an Excel spreadsheet. These are busy folks who want easy and basic outcomes delivered in plain English. Marketing teams expect you to respond with a couple of slides outlining the predictive factors that promote repeat sales.

Rather of supplying you with complicated charts and computations, ChatGPT will tell you just what you need to know about your customer information, allowing you to make data-driven marketing choices.  ChatGPT’s conversational skills and technical ability, has the potential to democratize professions such as data science and analytics.

Tasks that used to need a solid understanding of Excel or Python may now be completed with tools such as the Advanced Data Analysis plugin. ChatGPT Enterprise has been introduced, enabling businesses to buy subscriptions to the language model for their staff.

OpenAI considers this the powerful version of ChatGPT, since it has no use limits and performs up to twice as fast. It grants unrestricted access to the Advanced Data Analysis plugin.

Because this version of ChatGPT is SOC2 compliant, workers may submit proprietary corporate datasets to the ChatGPT interface without fear of exposing sensitive company information.

Will Data Science Be Automated By ChatGPT: Why Data Science Jobs are Safe?

Why Data Science Job is Safe?

We will now look at the comforting parts, including industry feel data science careers are safe.

ChatGPT Cannot Analyze Complicated Data

Data scientists gather data from numerous sources and use a variety of methods to extract insights from it. The task is complex than just submitting a single dataset to ChatGPT using the Advanced Data Analysis plugin.

There is a large amount of data to handle, and each PDF document includes a variety of information, such as tables and images. ChatGPT assisted in writing the code necessary to extract and analyze the data but, a person with no programming expertise would have been unable to execute, verify, or debug the code.

Businesses store their data in SQL databases. The Advanced Data Analysis plugin is restricted to file uploads; therefore, it cannot interface with business databases. Accessing, interpreting, and analyzing data from these databases requires a person with database administration and SQL querying expertise.

ChatGPT Cannot Replicate Human Decision-Making

The advanced LLMs lack skills like as critical thinking, strategic planning, and problem solving. These models lack domain knowledge and have no understanding of how the company operates. Human analysts or data scientists visit various teams inside the firm to inquire about the challenges they are experiencing, get insight into the business problem, and devise solutions.

An LLM cannot participate in collaborative problem-solving in the same way that a person can.

ChatGPT Makes Errors

ChatGPT is susceptible to hallucinations. It may make errors while developing code, evaluating data, or producing insights. Making business choices based on AI-generated data is a risk that firms will not accept. A human expert will be necessary to verify the code and output provided by artificial intelligence models.

Firms have two options for creating projections before making a decision: an internal team of data scientists and an external consulting company. The figures produced by these two organizations are compared and reconciled to verify that the projections are correct.

If businesses are ready to spend tens of thousands of dollars on third-party consultation firms to double-check their forecasts before choosing how to proceed, do you think they had replaced their data scientists with an AI model to save money?

This is quite improbable.

AI-generated forecasts will serve as a baseline, and they may provide another mechanism for enterprises to confirm the insights supplied by their data science teams.

ConclusionWill Data Science Be Automated By ChatGPT?

So, Will data science be automated by ChatGPT?

Use AI to keep up with industry trends and learn new things. According to Forbes article, denying that AI is not going to disrupt the way you operate will do damage than benefit. Employ generative AI models to automate aspects of your job and exploit the increased productivity to establish skill sets.

An ex-Meta data scientist, advocates diversifying your income sources rather than depending on one full-time employment. You may begin giving freelancing data science services to generate passive revenue, guaranteeing that your job security is not reliant on the choices of a single company.

Employment criteria put a high value on technical skill. The focus will shift away from tools and technical skills; as generative AI models close the skill gap in this field. Organizations will begin to value talents like communication, creativity, leadership, and decision-making.

A person who understands how AI can be used to accomplish the company’s objectives is useful to employers than someone who just brings technical knowledge to the table.

FAQs – Data Scientist and Data Science Jobs: Will Data Science Be Automated by ChatGPT?

Will data science be automated by ChatGPT?

While ChatGPT and similar AI tools can assist data scientists in their work, it is unlikely that they will completely replace data scientists. Data science involves a wide range of tasks such as data analytics, data cleaning, modeling, and data collection, which may not be entirely automated by ChatGPT or any other AI language model.

Can ChatGPT perform data analysis tasks?

ChatGPT and similar AI models like ChatGPT can be used to analyze data to some extent, but they may not have the same level of expertise and understanding as data scientists in the field of data science. They are better suited for generating insights and providing support as opposed to conducting complex and in-depth data analysis tasks.

What is the impact of ChatGPT on the future of data science jobs?

ChatGPT and other large language models (LLMs) could potentially impact certain tasks in data science, but their role in the data industry is likely to complement the work of data scientists rather than completely replace the role.

While some routine tasks may be automated, the need for skilled human involvement in data science is expected to persist.

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