SEO Pitfalls of AI Generated Content: Pros and Cons

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Artificial intelligence (AI) is altering the landscape of SEO. Firms are incorporating AI-generated content into their websites. There has been a surge in the number of AI writing aids available online. AI help you generate high-quality website content in a fraction of the time.

But is it a prudent choice to employ them?

How does it affect Google’s search rankings?

There are advantages and disadvantages to adopting AI-generated content for SEO as a writer, blogger, online company owner, digital marketer, or social media influencer. In this blog article, we will look SEO pitfalls of AI generated content and help you determine whether or not utilizing AI for content production is good for your organization.

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AI Generated Content

AI Generated Content

AI-generated content is produced using natural language processing (NLP) techniques. These algorithms examine a body of text and then generate fresh material with comparable style and meaning. To create the material, utilize an AI writing tool. You provide context by providing a subject and keywords.

The AI program will then evaluate a vast corpus of text and create new content based on your parameters. Here are some typical instances of AI content:

  • Landing pages
  • Ad copies
  • Product descriptions
  • Emails
  • Social media posts
  • Blog posts

AI technologies have templates for various types of information. You need to choose the right use case before beginning to create content using a writing assistance program.

How to Generate Content with Artificial Intelligence?

AI can assist you create a variety of content for your website. If you want to test it out, here are a few things you need to take:

  • There are several software packages on the market. You should choose the one that meets your demands. Do some research to discover one that fits your budget and the quantity of material required.
  • You should pick the appropriate template based on the text you want. If you need to write a blog post, look for a use case in your selected tool rather than one for creating product descriptions or emails.
  • AI content generators depend on the information you give them with. This is how they learn to produce content for you. You will need to provide context to the software program by entering a subject and a few keywords so that it can produce relevant material for your company.
  • Let the AI algorithms to create the material for you. It will take a few minutes or perhaps seconds to develop text that satisfies your requirements.
  • Once the material has been created, you should review it to ensure that it is error-free. You should adjust the language to ensure that it seems natural and is consistent with your brand’s voice.

Advantages of Using AI-Generated Content for SEO

Advantages of Using AI-Generated Content for SEO

There are various benefits of employing AI-generated content on your website or social media pages:

Quick & Easy

The primary benefit of employing AI to produce content is that it is fast and simple. You can complete a piece of writing in a fraction of the time it would take if you wrote it yourself. AI-powered content generators can produce paragraphs in seconds. You just keep ordering it, and it will generate a blog post or copy in a matter of minutes.

Cost Effective

Hiring a professional writer might be quite expensive. According to Payscale, the typical freelance writer makes around $25 per hour. To receive decent material, you will need to pay $50 per hour whenever you require a new blog post or website text.

Using an AI tool costs between $20 and $100 each month. If you are on a limited budget, employing an AI content generator may help you save costs.


AI allows you to produce content in less time. This is for those who need to produce fresh blog entries or social media updates on a regular basis but do not have the time to do it themselves. AI programs provide credits that may be used to create amount of words. If you need, just purchase content generating credits or upgrade your membership.


Some contend that AI-generated material is higher quality than human-written content. This is because AI algorithms may evaluate several published materials on the Web and generate something fresh and comparable in terms of style. Assume you do not know English well and have difficulty writing in it.

You might utilize a writing helper to create useful material for your website.

No Writer Block

If you have writer’s block, you understand how irritating it can be. You gaze at your computer, wondering how you are going to produce 5,000 words before the end of the day. You do not have to worry about not being able to come up with ideas for your next blog article when using AI content generating.

The program performs for you.

Disadvantages of Using AI-Generated Content for SEO

Disadvantages of Using AI-Generated Content for SEO

There are various downsides to employing AI-generated material, such as:

Not 100% Accurate

AI technologies are not flawless and may make errors. They may not comprehend the context of what you are attempting to express. So, you will need to double-check the material before pressing the publish button. You do not want to wind up with a post that consist of language errors or makes no sense.


One of the major issues with AI-generated material is that it often sounds robotic or unnatural. This is because the program does not recognize the intricacies of human language. It is critical to alter the wording so that it seems genuine. You may look for a program that is designed to generate material that sounds like it was authored by a person.

Not Always SEO-Friendly

Just because AI generates content does not guarantee that it is search engine optimized. AI-based solutions enable you to provide a few keywords for context. You will need keywords based on the sort of material you are creating and its length. It is essential to do appropriate research to ensure that your content is keyword-rich and relevant to your target audience.

You might employ specialist AI SEO tools to assist you improve your content.

What is Google’s Perspective on AI Content?

What is Google's Perspective on AI Content?

According to report on Search Engine Journal, Google considers AI-generated material to be spam. Google Search Advocate, material created by AI falls under the category of auto-generated content, which is a terrible SEO strategy. Websites discovered to have spam material are subject to manual penalties since they violate Google’s webmaster rules.

Google no longer claims to be able to recognize AI material. The corporation has not prohibited it. AI writing will prevalent in the future. The online spam team may identify low-quality auto-generated content and take action.  When authored using AI, your material may be useful to viewers. The Google search engine will recognize and rank your published content as long as people find them relevant.

This is possible if you use a high-quality AI-based content generator, supervise the generating process, and edit the text with your own words. If you use AI to create a lot of substandard content and rank, you may never achieve the desired search rankings. You may deploy AI content production on your company website without concern.

It is vital to ensure that your article does not include the following qualities:

  • It sounds like it was written by a non-human.
  • Contains repetitive words, phrases, and ideas.
  • Contains erroneous or unverifiable data.
  • Large chunks of text without suitable headers.
  • Being an identical replica or having resemblance to anything else on the internet.
  • Lack of relevant keywords.

Rather of depending on AI-powered writing program, just let it advise you and alter the text as required.

How to Effectively Use AI Content for SEO?

How to Effectively Use AI Content for SEO?

You now understand the advantages and disadvantages of AI content, as well as its ability to rank. To ensure that your content appears on Google and search engines, you should follow requirements. You do not want to post anything that would harm your website or your company.

Avoid Free and Inexpensive AI Text Generators

Content generating tools promise to help you generate better content. You should avoid free and inexpensive AI text generators. These are often low-quality, keyword-stuffed articles that, if discovered, will result in a Google penalty.

If you want a high-quality AI-powered content generator, expect to spend a little. Well-known AI writers provide free trials that let you to evaluate the quality of the produced material before committing to a paying subscription.

Select a Good Topic to Write About

Your content subject determines whether or if your target audience reads your piece. Consider the sort of post you want to create and what your readers will be interested in. The AI-powered writing tools may provide subject ideas. Feel free to utilize a keyword research tool to help you brainstorm article ideas.

These tools show you what people are looking for online and what is popular in your business.

Before Publishing, Check and Improve Your Content

If you use an AI content generator, you should review the article before hitting the publish button. This is to guarantee that your post sounds natural and has no faults. Eliminate repeated language and give a personal touch to your written content. Grammarly is a tool that may help you edit and fix your papers.

You should verify that any data in your content is accurate and comes from a reliable source. This might contain everything from statistics to company information and quotations. It is advisable to check for plagiarism before publishing your content. Some AI systems have built-in plagiarism checkers.

Depending on the text generator you chose, your AI-generated material may resemble something on the internet. And if it is, you may face hefty Google penalties.


AI can save you time by automating the content creation process. In order to avoid Google penalties, it is critical to utilize high-quality AI technologies. Be sure to verify your article for plagiarism before publishing it.

If you follow the advice in this post, you will be able to leverage AI-generated content to rank on Google and search engines. So go ahead and try it!

FAQs – SEO Pitfalls of AI Generated Content: Pros and Cons

What are the potential SEO pitfalls of using AI-generated content?

Using AI-generated content for SEO purposes poses several potential pitfalls. While AI tools can help generate content quickly, they may not always produce quality content that meets the needs of the audience or aligns with the content marketing strategy.

Search engines are getting better at detecting AI-generated text and may penalize sites that use AI content inappropriately, leading to lower rankings and decreased organic traffic.

What are the pros and cons of using AI-generated content for SEO?

The use of AI content generators offers several potential benefits, such as the ability to create a large amount of content in a short time, provide supplementary material to human-generated content, and improve content creation efficiency.

The cons of using AI-generated content include the risks of producing duplicate content, the potential for falling afoul of algorithm updates, and the ethical implications of using AI for content creation.

How can AI-generated content help with SEO strategy?

The use of AI-generated content can help with SEO strategy by providing additional content for target keywords, supporting a comprehensive content strategy, and reducing the time and resources needed for content production. AI-generated content can offer insights into new topic areas and audience interests, which can inform future content marketing efforts.

What are the AI detection methods used by search engines to identify AI-generated content?

Search engines employ various AI detection methods to identify AI-generated content, including analyzing language patterns, comparing to known AI-generated content, and evaluating the coherence and natural language use in the text. Search engines may have access to data that reveals the use of specific AI writing tools to create the AI content.

Can AI-generated content be used effectively for SEO without risking penalties?

While AI-generated content can be used for SEO purposes, it is essential to ensure that the content aligns with best practices and provides value to the audience. Content should be reviewed and edited to enhance quality and uniqueness, avoiding verbatim use of AI-generated text and focusing on delivering meaningful information.

A balanced approach that combines AI content generation with human editorial oversight can mitigate the risks of penalties.

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