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An organization can create and implement personalized AI assistants using Stack AI. Teams can use AI to construct chatbots, automate workflows, and search via knowledge bases using no-code interface.

Stack AI is used by hundreds of businesses to create personalized knowledge base assistants, automate customer service, gather data from the internet, and examine massive amounts of documents.

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Stack AI

Stack AI

With the help of Stack AI, companies can create personalized AI assistants without requiring complex programming knowledge or extensive AI experience. Teams throughout the organization may use Generative AI due to its user-friendly drag-and-drop interface.

Who Can Use Stack AI?

Stack AI mission is to provide advanced language models to businesses so they can assist artificial intelligence workers, content creators, and additional initiatives. Through database, cloud storage, and SaaS platform connectors, users can secure link corporate data sources.

Stack take care of the technical aspects of software development and AI so that clients may concentrate on implementing AI that generates profits. For businesses including LifeMD, SmartAsset, Circle Medical, HiveMQ, and Varos Stack power AI use cases.

Subject matter experts may create AI assistants with Stack AI that are customized to their organization’s needs without having to write any code, enabling use cases in sectors such as:

  • Healthcare: Analyzing insurance and policy documents and helping doctors with diagnosis and treatment.
  • Education: AI teaching assistants for instructors and classes as well as an automated student support desk assistant.
  • Finance: Financial report drafting and comparison and help for contract drafting, and communication compliance analyzer.
  • Logistics and Construction: RFPs based on artificial intelligence purchase order drafting and analysis as well as resume searching.
  • Cross-Industries: Automated online scraping, personalized outbound email creation, and patent drafting support.

Key Features of Stack AI

Key Features of Stack AI

You can deploy custom AI Assistants, chatbots, and workflow automations to make your company 10X efficient using Stack AI.

No Code Required

Create AI apps using a drag-and-drop interface. Coding is not needed. Use ready-to-use API endpoints or customizable user interfaces for setting up your apps.

Pre-Built Use Cases

Utilize an extensive set of Templates that are based on actual use cases. Get results as soon as possible and adjust to suit your needs.

Enterprise Grade Security

Stack AI has DPAs in place with the key AI suppliers, including Anthropic and OpenAI, and complies with SOC2, HIPAA, and GDPR regulations.

White Glove Support

Leverage the expertise of MIT PhD candidates and engineers who have ten + years of experience in the industry to deploy AI applications.

Enterprise Grade Stack AI

Enterprise Grade Stack AI

Over 200 companies in sectors including healthcare, logistics, construction, higher education, and financial services adore Stack AI. Utilize Stack AI range of connections to link to your data from popular data storage platforms like Google Drive, OneDrive, Notion, Airtable, and AWS S3.

Utilize sophisticated indexing techniques to enhance your application and retrieve the pertinent answers for your consumers. Because Stack AI complies with SOC 2, GDPR, and HIPAA, it meets the industry standards for data retention, data encryption, and access controls.

Stack AI promise practical advice when developing and implementing AI initiatives, and assist each client through each phase of the way. Stack AI guarantee the optimum possible speed and privacy for client’s apps.

The flexible platform streamlines technology stack and vendor management by enabling businesses to implement numerous bespoke use cases on a single platform.

Enterprise Grade Security and Privacy

For your business, security and privacy are Stack AI top priorities. Stack AI maintains strict controls over data processing while ensuring safe connectivity with your databases.

  • Azure, OpenAI, and AWS Bedrock provide the advanced levels of privacy and security for AI models.
  • AES-256 encryption is used to protect data both in transit and at rest (TLS 1.3.).
  • You are in charge of determining how long Stack AI keep your data by setting data retention durations.
  • With data processing addendums, Stack AI guarantees that your data is not utilized to train AI models (DPAs).
  • By connecting your Identity Provider, you can use the SAML protocol to enable login and role mapping.
  • Threats and vulnerabilities are tracked until they are resolved, and frequent scans are carried out.


Large language models are one type of language model that Stack uses to build AI assistants and applications. These models can be used by users to create and implement unique AI solutions. Stack offers a no-code interface that enables teams to develop AI apps that are customized to meet their unique requirements.

Stack has extensive knowledge of AI technology and provides enterprise-grade AI solutions. The platform makes it possible to automate operations, improves workflow effectiveness, and gives businesses a chance to use AI to achieve enhanced outcomes.

FAQs – What is Stack AI?

What is Stack AI?

Stack is a no-code platform that offers generative AI capabilities to build and deploy custom AI assistants and automation tools. It provides an interface for users to deploy AI solutions and streamline enterprise workflows.

How does Stack work with language models?

Stack leverages language models such as LLMs (large language models) to create AI applications and AI assistants. Users can build and deploy custom AI solutions using these models.

What are the key features of Stack AI?

Stack is an enterprise-grade AI platform that allows teams to leverage AI for various tasks including searching through knowledge bases, building custom AI assistants in minutes, and improving productivity through automation.

Can users integrate Stack AI with additional tools?

Yes, Stack offers combinatory and APIs to integrate with existing systems and enhance the capabilities of the platform. This enables users to build custom AI solutions without the need for coding.

How does Stack help in deploying custom AI solutions?

Stack facilitates the process of building and deploying custom AI assistants by providing a no-code interface that allows teams to create AI applications tailored to their specific needs.

What makes Stack AI an optimal choice for enterprises?

Stack offers enterprise-grade AI solutions with deep expertise in AI technologies. The platform enables automation of tasks, enhances workflow efficiency, and empowers organizations to leverage AI for improved outcomes.

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