Synthesys AI Studio Review – Beware Before You Signup! (2024)

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In the current landscape, videos are a pivotal component of marketing strategies, boasting an impressive rate of generating shares that surpass text content by 1200%. However, creating high-quality videos can take time and effort. This daunting process often involves expenses related to studio rentals, securing optimal lighting, acquiring advanced equipment, and hiring talent. This complexity is multiplied when the goal is to produce a high volume of videos. Enter AI video generators like Synthesys AI Studio, which simplify the video creation process by enabling the production of engaging videos through mere text input.

However, Synthesis isn’t limited to just video generation; it also incorporates cutting-edge features such as AI Voice and Image generator, which I will personally evaluate. Further in this review, we’ll weigh the advantages and drawbacks of utilizing Synthesys, consider its pricing structure, and explore alternatives. By concluding this thorough review, we aim to underline why Synthesys is heralded as one of the premier AI video generators available today and assess its value as an investment.

What is Synthesys?

Enter AI video generators like Synthesys AI Studio, which simplify the video creation process by enabling the production of engaging videos through mere text input.

Synthesys emerges as a revolutionary Artificial Intelligence (AI) video generator that transforms simple text inputs into captivating video content. At its core, Synthesys leverages advanced AI algorithms to interpret textual descriptions and convert them into high-quality videos, eliminating the traditional hassles associated with video production.

This tech marvel doesn’t stop at video generation; it extends its capabilities to include AI-powered voice synthesis and image creation. These features enable users to craft videos with natural-sounding voiceovers and visually appealing images without needing external resources like voice actors or graphic designers. Synthesys stands out by providing an all-encompassing solution for content creators, marketers, and businesses, aiming to streamline their content creation process while maintaining a high-quality standard.

Synthesys Key Features

AI Voice Generator

The AI Voice Generator by Synthesys is a groundbreaking feature that offers incredibly realistic and natural-sounding voiceovers. During my testing, I found this tool uniquely capable of transforming text into speech that nearly mirrors human intonation and emotion. Users can choose from various voices, ensuring the end product aligns with the intended audience or character portrayal. This feature is particularly beneficial for creators who need access to professional voice actors or those looking to produce content in multiple languages without language barriers.

AI Video Generator

Next on the list of Synthesys’s remarkable features is the AI Video Generator. This tool allows users to input a script, which the system uses to create compelling video content. The process leverages AI to interpret the script’s context and thematic elements, automatically selecting appropriate visuals and animations to match the narrative. My experience with this feature was impressive; the AI-generated videos were contextually accurate and visually engaging. This capability is a game-changer for marketers and content creators aiming to produce high-quality video content efficiently.

AI Image Generator

The AI Image Generator rounds out Synthesys’s trio of key features. It enables the creation of unique, high-quality images based on textual descriptions. This feature is invaluable for generating custom images tailored to specific content needs without needing a professional graphic designer. Throughout my use, I observed that the images produced were relevant and of a quality that could rival manually created graphics. This tool can be particularly useful for creating visuals for blog posts and social media or enhancing video projects with custom images.

Synthesys provides a comprehensive suite of AI-driven tools designed to simplify content creation. Its AI Voice Generator, AI Video Generator, and AI Image Generator work together to offer an end-to-end solution for producing high-quality video content. This makes Synthesys an indispensable resource for content creators, marketers, and businesses looking to innovate their content creation process while saving time and resources.

Synthesys AI Studio Pricing Plans

Exploring the various pricing tiers of Synthesys AI Studio offers insights into its accessibility and scalability for different user needs. Synthesys has structured its pricing to accommodate beginners and advanced content creators with varying budgetary constraints.

Front-end Price: $67

  • 100 ultra-life-like voices in 140 languages
  • 30 minutes of voice minutes per month
  • Multi-voice functionality
  • 10 guitars
  • 6 scenes per video
  • Upload images/videos
  • Video Editor
  • 50 generations per month for AI images
  • Commercial rights for all front-end tools

For those looking to expand their capabilities, Synthesys offers additional One-Time Offers (OTOs) or upsells for advanced features:

OTO 1 – Synthesys Creator’s Suite: $37/month

  • All front-end features
  • Upcoming voices
  • Upcoming humates
  • Image models for AI images

OTO 2 – Synthesys Premium: $97 (one-time price)

  • Full HD video and FaceSwap for AI humans
  • Emotive texts (ALL) for AI voices
  • Synthesys X
  • AI prompt assistant for AI images

OTO 3 – Synthesys AI Studio Apex: Attractive price, unlimited possibilities!

  • Unlimited voice and video minutes with the fair use policy
  • AI script assistant for AI voices and AI humans
  • Unlimited generations of AI images

And for those wanting the ultimate AI content creation experience, Synthesys offers a bundle package:

Synthesis AI Studio MAX Bundle – Price: $247/year (starting price goes up to $497/year)

  • Front-end features
  • All OTO features
  • Unlimited AI content creation for videos, voices, images, and more
  • 140 languages and 370 voices
  • Multi-voice functionality
  • Commercial license

These pricing plans highlight Synthesys AI Studio’s commitment to providing value-packed offerings for every level of content creation, from solo creators to large-scale marketing teams. Whether starting out or looking to turbocharge your content production, Synthesys has a plan tailored to your needs.

Pros and Cons of Synthesys AI Studio

In evaluating Synthesys AI Studio, weighing its advantages and limitations is critical to determine if it fits your content creation needs. Here’s a balanced overview:


  • Comprehensive Tools for Content Creation: Synthesys offers a unique set of AI-driven tools, including voice generators, video generators, and image generators, providing an all-in-one solution for multimedia content creation.
  • High-Quality Outputs: The AI-generated voices, videos, and images are remarkably high quality, closely mimicking human voice actors, professionally shot videos, and custom-designed images.
  • Saves Time and Money: Synthesys automates significant parts of the content creation process, helping to save time and reduce costs associated with hiring voice actors, videographers, and graphic designers.
  • Accessibility: The platform provides a user-friendly interface that is accessible for both beginners and experienced creators. Its capability to support 140 languages further broadens its accessibility across different regions.
  • Flexible Pricing Plans: Synthesis offers a range of pricing options, from a basic front-end package to unlimited content creation bundles, to cater to various budgets and needs.


  • Learning Curve: While Synthesys is designed to be user-friendly, newcomers to AI content creation tools might experience a learning curve as they familiarize themselves with the platform’s capabilities and features.
  • Dependence on AI: The reliance on AI may sometimes result in outputs requiring human intervention for refinement, especially when nuanced creativity or emotional depth is crucial.
  • Monthly Subscription for Advanced Features: Access to some of the more advanced features of Synthesys requires a monthly subscription, which might not be cost-effective for creators on a tight budget or those who need these features only occasionally.
  • Limitations in Customization: While Synthesys offers considerable flexibility, there might be limitations in the level of customization for voiceovers, videos, and images when compared to manually created content.
  • Fair Use Policy: Although the top-tier plan offers unlimited voice and video minutes, it’s subject to a fair use policy, meaning extremely heavy usage could lead to limitations.

Top 3 Synthesys Alternatives

While Synthesys AI Studio offers an impressive suite of tools for content creators, exploring alternatives that might better fit certain needs or preferencesis always beneficial. Here are three noteworthy competitors in the AI content creation space:

1. Descript

  • Key Features: Descript goes beyond standard voice and video synthesis to integrate audio and video editing, screen recording, and podcast production. It’s known for its Overdub feature, which lets you create a digital voice clone to correct or modify recordings.
  • Pros: Comprehensive editing features; intuitive interface; multifunctional (podcast, screen recording, video editing).
  • Cons: The overdub feature requires approval and primarily focuses on audio content.

2. Lovo

  • Key Features: Specializing in voice cloning and text-to-speech technology, Lovo offers over 180 voices in various languages and creates lifelike custom voice avatars for personal or commercial use.
  • Pros: High-quality voice avatars; user-friendly; great for audiobooks, e-learning, and game development.
  • Cons: Less focus on video content; voice cloning requires additional setup.

3. Canvas Video Suite

  • Key Features: While not solely focused on AI, Canva’s Video Suite is a powerful, user-friendly tool for creating videos with a vast collection of templates, stock content, and design features. It allows for easy incorporation of text overlays and animations.
  • Pros: Extremely intuitive; massive library of templates and stock media; versatility in design and video creation.
  • Cons: Limited AI-specific features compared to Synthesys; may not cater to advanced professional needs in video production.

Who Should Use Synthesys?

Synthesys stands out as a powerful asset for various users, streamlining the creation of sales videos, instructional content, social media posts, advertising campaigns, podcasts, and more. It’s especially beneficial for:

  • Marketers: Quickly craft engaging video marketing campaigns.
  • Entrepreneurs: Boost your brand with high-quality AI avatars that resonate with your audience.
  • Educators: Develop interactive e-learning materials to captivate and educate students.
  • Content Creators: Produce attractive videos and podcasts for platforms like YouTube to broaden your reach.
  • Sales Professionals: Create effective sales videos to enhance product or service perceptions and conversion rates.
  • Small Business Owners: Avoid the expense of professional video production by utilizing Synthesys for top-notch video content.

Synthesys Review: Is It Worth Investing In?

My experience with Synthesys confirms its value as a sound investment. The platform excels with its AI text-to-speech voice generator and AI video generator, boasting over 80 diverse avatars. It’s designed to be user-friendly, accommodating users of all skill levels, including those without video editing experience. Synthesys effectively bridges language barriers, offering lip-sync functionality across over 300 voices in 140 languages, leveraging real human voices for authenticity.

Given its broad feature set and realistic avatars, Synthesys is accessible and beneficial to a wide audience, from students to small business owners, aiding in the creation of compelling videos that effectively engage viewers and convey messages. The potential for enhanced engagement and increased conversion rates makes it worth exploring further. Review demonstrations and feedback to ascertain if Synthesys aligns with your investment criteria. Trial the platform—there’s a money-back guarantee if it doesn’t meet your expectations.


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