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When you are short on time or in a creative using AI Instagram reel generators is an innovative way to expedite your editing process and produce captivating Instagram reels. We have converted you if you are searching for an AI reel maker or generator to increase your productivity for making eye-catching Instagram reels.

We will take you through flexible online AI Instagram reel generators in this tutorial, which will help you save a ton of time and effort when creating Instagram reels. Now let’s get started!

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FlexClip AI Instagram Reel generator should be one of your options if you are searching for a flexible AI Instagram Reel generator that works with ChatGPT to assist you in writing video scripts, converts text to editable Instagram Reels, and provides you with customizable Instagram Reels templates, a library of free video assets, and useful AI tools to speed up your editing process.

How to Use FlexClip Online to Make AI Reels?

  • Open FlexClip, select the video aspect ratio for Instagram Reels as 9:16, and upload your video assets to the Media Library from your computer, phone, Dropbox, One Drive, or Google Photos.
  • To create scripts for your AI Reels, use the AI video script generator. Choose the Tools tab > AI Video Script > click the Generate button after entering the prompt. The scripts that the AI generated can now be adjusted. You can regenerate scripts from ChatGPT by going back and clicking the Generate button if you do not like.
  • Transform text into a workable video. Select the style of the subtitles by clicking the AI to video icon, then click the Generate Video button.  You can inspect the AI generated Reels, change the font, text size, background color, and opacity of the subtitle, or preview your AI Reels in full screen mode. You can split or trim the clips by dragging and dropping them to replace the video scene.

You can click the Video and Photo tabs > search for high quality photos and free 1080P footage for your AI Reels if you do not have any video assets.

  • Return to AI video script generator > Scripts in progress > Copy the script, then return to the text to speech generator, select from 400 AI voice avatars, preview voice, and select your favorite > adjust the voice speed, pitch, and style > insert the scripts for your AI Reels into the text block > Preview voices > Select save to media.

You can add commas to AI voiceovers to give them a natural pause. Return to the Media tab, select Audio, and adjust the AI voices to match the video scenes. The AI voice’s volume can be changed, and the audio can be split or trimmed.

  • Select from 74,000+ free music tracks and sound effects by clicking the Audio tab if you do not like the music that the AI created for your reels. For Reels’ transition or text reveal, you can use sound effects like whoosh and swoosh and layer multiple pieces of music to create depth.

Apply fade-in and fade-out effects, split audio tracks, and trim them for audio transition. A copyright-free video can be imported, added to the timeline, and then right-clicked to select detach audio in order to remove the audio for audio mixing. You can upload your audio files or record your own voiceovers.

  • For call-to-actions and other visual effects, include text animations. Select from over 1,000 editable text animations by clicking the Text tab and swiping down. Some examples of these animations include speech bubbles, quotes, search bars, lower thirds, titles for social media profiles, Like, Share, subscribe buttons, news titles, and call-out titles.

You can style and animate your text using various effects, like typewriter, cinematic glitter, blur, bounce, and fade, by selecting the Motion and Style tab. You have control over the animated text’s duration, direction, and speed. Click the Overlays tab to add artistic effects overlays to your AI reels.

You can add popular transitions, such as liquid, splash, and circle, to your reels to smooth out the transitions. The Elements and Photo tab has funny stickers and emoji’s, and animate illustrations.

  • The editing is complete. A clickable link is provided for your blog posts and newsletters. You can save the 1080P MP4 video to your PC or share it to YouTube, Google Drive, One Drive, Dropbox, or TikTok.



Another AI Instagram Reel generator you can use is InVideo if you are a content creator or small business owner who needs to update their Instagram Reels in order to engage your target audience and establish your brand in your niche. InVideo provides you with a range of AI tools and video assets to speed up your editing workflow, along with an AI script generator powered by ChatGPT that lets you write scripts for AI Reels.

How to Use InVideo Online to Make AI Reels?

  • Register for InVideo at no cost. Go to the dashboard > In the upper right corner, select Create New. Select AI to video > Select a premade vertical video template > Use template.
  • To use the AI script generator, describe the scripts you want, or copy and paste the URL of your reel’s scripts. Select either free or premium video assets and click Create Scenes.
  • Create voiceovers for your reels using AI. Select Realistic AI Voice type, language, and preferred AI voice avatar under the Voiceovers tab > automated text to speech > then click Generate voiceovers.
  • Personalize the transitions, text, and text animations.
  • For your AI Reels to be downloaded, click the Export button.



Lumen5, a pioneer in providing AI text to video generators for video production, provides the possible conversion experience for AI scripts to AI Reels with styles. Lumen5 is not ChatGPT integrated. To convert text to eye-catching Instagram Reels, you should create scripts for your Reels using OpenAI’s ChatGPT. Copy and paste the scripts into Lumen5.

How to Use Lumen5 Online to Make AI Reels?

  • To create video scripts for your Instagram Reels, go to OpenAI’s ChatGPT, follow the prompts to customize the AI scripts, and then copy the scripts.
  • To create video scripts for your Instagram Reels, go to OpenAI’s ChatGPT, follow the prompts to customize the AI scripts, and then copy the scripts. Go to the dashboard of Lumen5. Select New Video. struck Click skip to create Instagram Reels from scratch. Select convert your text to a video.

In the AI script composer’s blank space, place duplicate AI Reels scripts. Click to proceed with AI.

  • Select a script format, then click convert to video.
  • Personalize the text, colors, style, format, videos, music, and images.
  • In order to export the video, click the Publish button.



Kapwing is feature-rich AI Instagram Reel generator that you can use to make video slideshows for your Instagram Reels. It provides you with five different video aspect ratio options to produce AI-generated video content for various social media networks.

Kapwing will assist you in creating images, videos, subtitles, and background music after you supply text prompts or pre-written scripts. After that, all you have to do is alter the text, music, and video styles.

How to Use Kapwing Online to Make AI Reels?

  • Visit Kapwing’s tool for text-to-video > Press Enter after typing your text prompts.
  • Select the 9:16 format for your Instagram Reels video. Click Generate Video after selecting the preferred text style.
  • You can edit the text overlays or replace the AI generated images and videos with your own footage by selecting the Audio/Video/Image tab and using stock video assets.
  • To save the AI Reel to your computer, click the Export button.


AI Instagram Reel generators provide you with a fast method to create captivating AI Instagram reels in a matter of minutes, eliminating the need for manual clip editing and organization.

AI Instagram Reel generators are not created equal. Try out each of the aforementioned AI Instagram reel generators and let us know which one works best for you.

FAQs – AI Instagram Reel Generator

What is AI Instagram Reel Generator?

The AI Instagram Reel Generator is a powerful tool that utilizes AI technology to create engaging and captivating Instagram video content. It is designed as an Instagram video maker and AI Instagram reel generator to help users streamline the process of creating reels with AI and to enhance their video creation experience on the platform.

How does the AI Instagram Reel Generator work?

The AI Instagram Reel Generator works by leveraging AI algorithms to analyze and process user-provided input, such as videos, images, and text, to create Instagram reels with stunning effects and engaging caption options. It combines the convenience of video templates with the power of AI tools to generate Instagram reels that stand out on the platform.

What are the key features of the AI Instagram Reel Generator?

The AI Instagram Reel Generator offers a wide range of features, including AI-generated video creation, a vast library of reel templates for customization, the ability to make Instagram reels with stunning visual effects, and support for text to video.

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