How to Write AI-Generated Content That Is Still Original- Secrets of AI Writing

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Struggling to make AI-written content sound original? We’ve all been there. You use the latest flashy tools to effortlessly generate blog posts and landing pages. Yet somewhere between those perfectly crafted sentences, something feels missing – the human touch.

But what if you could leverage artificial intelligence while still producing unique content that sounds authentic? Turns out there are some techniques that can help you produce original AI-generated content.

This article will explore methods for retaining originality when working with AI writing assistants. The key is learning how to become the ghost in the AI content machine. 

With the right human guidance, even generated drafts can sparkle with original personalities that audiences connect with and search engines reward.

Intrigued to discover how? Let’s dive in!

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Use AI Tools Responsibly

First and foremost, utilize AI writing tools ethically. Do not try to pass off AI content as fully manual work or misrepresent how it was created. Be transparent about your process while respecting platform guidelines.

When you create content with AI, try to customize and build upon the initial drafts extensively. Do not simply copy and paste. This additional effort helps make the end result more original.

Choose Your AI Assistant Wisely

Not all AI-generated writing tools are equal. Select one like Undetectable AI that goes beyond basic generators by producing high-quality content like a human writer. Its advanced paraphrasing algorithms give greater creative control for customizing output.

The best AI assistants have options to adjust various settings like tone, complexity, creativity, and more. Tweak these to craft pieces of content tailored to your brand and target audience.

Use Undetectable AI Responsibly

Tools like Undetectable AI bypass AI detectors through advanced paraphrasing algorithms. This allows creators to publish AI foundations without platforms flagging content as inauthentic.

However, take care not to abuse this technology or make false claims about manually writing each post. Transparency builds reader trust and upholding ethical standards protects your reputation.

The strategies above require effort but transform AI drafts into quality content aligned with your brand and helpful for audiences. With custom prompts and heavy revisions grounded in your expertise, AI foundations become original and engaging reads.

Responsibly utilizing AI for writing assistance while prioritizing uniqueness paves the way for efficient, scalable content writing.

How to Make AI Writing Undetectable & Bypass Detection

Creating AI-Generated Content

With an AI content generator ChatGPT, I crafted an extensive post delving into the “Latest Trends in the Electric Vehicles Market.” The resulting piece provided a comprehensive overview of the rapidly evolving EV landscape, covering various facets of this dynamic industry.


Verifying Content with Detection Tools

Subsequently, I subjected the AI-generated text to scrutiny through, a prominent AI detection tool. As anticipated, the content was promptly flagged as artificially produced.


Humanizing Through

In response to the detection challenge, I employed and its “Humanize” capability to refine the flagged draft. This feature meticulously reworked and enhanced the text, eradicating any overt indications of AI authorship.


Evading Detection Successfully

In the final phase, I assessed the processed output by once again running it through This time, the article successfully evaded detection, securing an 89% originality score. This underscores the efficacy of leveraging to bypass AI detection without incurring any financial expenses.

AI-generated content and originality AI

Provide Detailed Prompts and Guidance

Well-crafted prompts set your AI assistant up for success. Outline the topic, purpose, tone, length, and other parameters upfront to receive drafts better aligned with your goals.

Share relevant background information and resources too. This context further guides the AI tool to generate higher-quality foundations to build.

Extensively Edit and Revise

Treat initial AI drafts as a starting point only. Expect to spend significant time editing for clarity, flow, grammar, brand consistency, and originality.

Revise sentence structures, swap out overused phrases, add compelling examples, insert strategic links/statistics, and ensure messaging aligns with your business.

Heavy revision takes more work but transforms AI foundations into polished content with your unique touch.

Customize Through Paraphrasing

Copying blocks of AI text verbatim is a red flag for lack of originality. Instead, paraphrase and restructure to make it your own.

Online paraphrasing tools like Quillbot assist in rewriting drafts using alternative wording while preserving intent. Adjust settings like paraphrasing strength and sentence restructuring to control the degree of changes.

Paraphrasing transforms AI foundations into more unique content that passes originality checks. But human oversight ensures it still reads well.

Insert Original Commentary and Insights

Sprinkling original commentary throughout AI content adds unique value for readers. Share relevant personal experiences, client case studies, or expert insights to strengthen your posts.

Pose thoughtful questions for readers or highlight key takeaways based on your own business knowledge. This stamps posts with your original perspective despite using AI foundations.

Perform Uniqueness Checks

Input drafts into online plagiarism checkers like Copyleaks or Unicheck. These scan the web to detect duplicate text.

Reading drafts aloud also highlights repetitious or awkward phrasing that needs revision. If sections seem too generic, replace them with original commentary.

Infuse Your Distinctive Perspective

As you customize raw AI content, regularly ask yourself – “What unique views or experiences do I have that can add an original perspective here?” Tap into your own journey within this industry, insider knowledge, or memorable anecdotes that bring fresh insight compared to generic write-ups. Whether humorous, serious, or inquisitive – conveying your authentic self creatively builds trust and interest.

Blend In Light-Hearted Humor

Look for opportunities to incorporate tasteful humor – whether an ironic observation, witty analogy, or self-deprecating remark readers identify with. Laughter disarms audiences to pay attention while sharing the unexpected boosts originality. But keep humor aligned to your brand personality e.g. financial firms should take a subtler approach than youth-focused retailers.

Craft Captivating Narratives

AI crafts logical draft structures but exploring examples more creatively through mini-storytelling makes content fascinating while clarifying concepts from multiple angles. Share a production bottleneck challenge that was resolved through the methods discussed. Build tension and release in a client onboarding scenario. The structure displays unique imagination and mastery of teaching through narratives.

Enrich Through Data-Backed Research

While it may seem unnecessary extra effort, research that unearths fascinating statistics doing the rounds in your industry enriches drafts with credible substance. Gather digital intelligence on recent survey findings, growth metrics or comparative analyses that make key points more concrete. Data judiciously incorporated progresses posts from generic to genuinely insightful.

Structure Content With Unique Formats

Analyze draft topics and determine if standard prose formats are optimally engaging. Consider reorganizing concepts into numbered/bulleted how-to guides, pros vs cons decision trees, simulated dialogues, personality quizzes – whatever piques audience curiosity while education. Formatting existing content originally demonstrates deeper mastery.

Tips for Writing More Original AI Content

Here are a few more tips to guide your journey in developing original content with AI assistance:

  • Collaborate with the AI like a co-writer rather than just taking its output. Back-and-forth dialogue produces more tailored drafts.
  • Limit repetitive themes or phrases through consciously varying word choice and sentence structures.
  • Compare multiple drafts from different AI tools and blend their strengths while customizing terminology and tone.
  • Expand on unique concepts introduced by the AI instead of focusing solely on revising its text.
  • Automate uniqueness checks in your editing process via plugins checking plagiarism and reading levels.
  • Set goals for original paragraphs per post to train yourself to consciously add signature commentary.

The key is maintaining a human-centered approach to utilizing AI. Leverage the power of technology while imprinting your unique creativity through prompting, revisions, and purposeful customization for audiences. With consistent effort, striking the right balance is achievable.

The world of AI content creation is a spectrum ranging from fully manual to fully automated writing. By combining the strengths of man and machine, the sweet spot lies somewhere in between – with originality at the core.

Why Original AI Content Matters

For creators and businesses publishing content online regularly, utilizing some form of AI assistance just makes sense. The words may initially stem from a robot, but taking ownership to transform them into something that resonates for your brand is what unlocks real value.

But in a sea of AI-generated content flooding the internet, why does originality matter so much?

Builds Reader Trust

AI copy-paste content feels soulless and generic, while original commentary feels like a real human sharing their thoughts. Readers naturally find the latter more honest, and trustworthy and are more likely to engage further.

Boosts Credibility

Curating or creating insightful, interesting content aligned to your industry builds subject matter authority. This talent for educating around topics strategically important to your business boosts credibility.

Improves Rankings

Search engines increasingly value content that offers readers something meaningfully unique. By tailoring messaging and adding your original touch, your content could gain an edge for ranking over duplicate or thin posts.

Strengthens Brand Voice

Consistency in conveying your brand personality across content pieces boosts recognition and affinity. With original flair aligned to messaging pillars, your content will stand out and attract aligned audiences.

The world already has plenty of repetitive, bland content flooding the internet. As creators, our duty is to utilize emerging technology responsibly – create value, not pollution.

Start Crafting Smarter AI Content

As AI tools continue evolving to empower content creation workflows, maintaining high standards around originality separates the strategic players from the spammy ones.

Balancing quality and efficiency is achievable with the right guidance. Follow the strategies, best practices, and ethical principles above to write AI-generated content that boosts your business by captivating audiences.

The unique perspectives you imprint to creatively transform AI foundations will spark more authentic engagement. And responsible transparency around AI as an asset for productivity, not a replacement for human creativity, will future-proof your brand reputation.

With great writing power comes great responsibility. But approach content creation as a collaborative effort between creator and machine, while upholding originality as the keystone, to unlock growth.


Q1. How much should I edit AI-written content to make it original?

A1. Extensively edit AI content before publishing, spending time modifying 50-80% of the wording to ensure it is unique and aligns with your brand voice. Add original commentary, examples, data, graphics, and structure changes to transform the AI’s generic draft into insightful, non-plagiarized content.

Q2. What’s the best way to customize AI content?

A2. Heavily paraphrase the text using online tools, insert original perspectives from your experience, rewrite sentences to vary structure, and change vocabulary tweaking tone/formality. Adapt formatting by converting it into different styles like how-to guides/Q&As to creatively transform draft topics.

Q3. How do I develop an original authorial voice when working with AI?

A3. Imprint your unique voice through word choice adaptation aligned to branding, integration of original wit/humor, sharing insider anecdotes/client stories, and commentary derived from your niche expertise. Set goals to consciously interject X personalized paragraphs per piece.

Q4. How much AI content on my site will Google tolerate?

A4. Google has not set specific rules but emphasizes original, valuable content for users. Heavily rework and customize any AI foundations, follow ethical guidelines, add varied multimedia, and convey the collaborative creativity process through transparency. Have some fully manual posts interspersed.

Q5. What’s the best practice for disclosing AI use?

A5. Clearly communicate upfront in author bios your brand’s collaborative approach blending AI with human creativity through customized prompting/revision. Call out manually written sections distinctly from edited AI passages. Forthright transparency builds reader trust and upholds integrity standards.

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