Is There a Midjourney API?

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With its strong art creation features, Midjourney has grown in popularity among users who want to let their creativity run wild. Still, one question that comes up time and time again is there a Midjourney API.

 We will go into detail about the current state of Midjourney API in this post, along with some other solutions that can assist you in integrating Midjourney into your apps.

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Midjourney API

Midjourney API

Midjourney communicates with the Discord bot through an internal API. Due to this integration, users can use Discord to access Midjourney potent art creation features. There are not any public APIs accessible for developers to use right now.

There is not currently an official API offered by Midjourney. The Midjourney team has stated that they are committed to creating an API in the future. By providing seamless integration with external applications, they hope to reach a wider audience and increase their market share.

There are currently third party solutions that can fulfill the need.

Using Midjourney Without Official API

There are ways to interact programmatically with Midjourney even though there is no official API available. You can utilize Midjourney efficiently by following these steps:

  1. Authenticate: You must have a Discord account in order to authenticate with Midjourney. Proceed by creating an account if you do not have one.
  2. Send Commands: Sending /imagine commands on Discord is how you communicate with Midjourney. Using the descriptions supplied, you can use these commands to create images.
  3. Volume Matters: When used with volume, Midjourney produces better outcomes. Trying out different creative prompts can produce intriguing pictures. It could be necessary to produce and refine the results if you have a particular image or style in mind.
  4. Construct Your API: Although Midjourney does not provide an official API, you are free to construct one. This entails setting up a webhook to collect the generated images, connecting to Midjourney, and learning how Midjourney works on Discord.

Third Party Midjourney APIs

Third Party Midjourney APIs

Although Midjourney does not offer an API, you can use its services by utilizing a few third party APIs. These APIs let you leverage Midjourney robust art creation features without requiring direct tool access. Lets examine a few of these alternatives provided by third parties:

Midjourney API by Imagine Dev

Midjourney API by Imagine Dev

The unofficial REST API for Midjourney,, provides a way to access and automate its functionalities programmatically. With support for a number of programming languages, developers can quickly and easily create images by using common REST methods like GET and POST.

They also have a refund policy. They offer a complete refund if, after trying it, you decide against it within seven days.

Midjourney API by UseAPI

Midjourney API by UseAPI offers a standard REST API for Midjourney that is easy to use, dependable, and reasonably priced. You can begin using API in production environment by connecting Midjourney Discord account to it by following easy instructions, all for just $10 per month.

You just need to have Midjourney subscription in order to get started. When using Midjourney fast mode, you can expect up to 200 /imagine generations per hour with the Midjourney Standard Plan using API.

Midjourney API Nodejs Version

Midjourney API Nodejs Version

You can find the Midjourney API on GitHub and it is open source. JavaScript and TypeScript are the main languages used in the creation of this API. The API is licensed under Apache-2.0. The API features web UI examples, a Discord bot, and support for WebSockets.

Midjourney API Key by The Next Leg

Midjourney API Key by The Next Leg

By providing API access to the vast array of features and services offered by the platform, The Next Leg functions as a community extension of Midjourney.

You can leverage Midjourney power to improve the user experience of your products and unlock a variety of enhanced functionalities and capabilities by integrating The Next Leg (thenextleg) into applications.



The MJAPI has an easy-to-follow procedure. To utilize the Midjourney API:

  • Create a Discord account.
  • Get the user token for Discord.
  • Obtain a subscription to Midjourney officially.
  • Sign up on MJAPI to obtain your API Key.
  • You are all set to go.

Once you have API Key, explore a world of options by delving into the API Usage section. You can simply renew your subscription for as long as you had like after it expires.

API by Midapi

API by Midapi

Midapi is the developer of this Midjourney API. Midjourney Inc. is not connected to Midapi. Features like Imagine, Upscale, Variations, Describe, Blend, Seeds, and Re-roll are available through their API. Multiple accounts are also supported.

Examine their Midjourney API documentation and try out their trial version, which is available for $1.95 for 20 image credits with a plan that extends to 50,000 image credits. Node.js, Python, C Sharp, PHP, Ruby, Golang, and Java are supported.

Midjourney API Python Version

Midjourney API Python Version

Developer George-iam created this open-source Midjourney API. The Discord API is compatible with the API, which enables users to create images via code.

The developer intends to work on features like a local queue controller, support for multiple Midjourney accounts, and an upsampling script while the project is still in its early stages of development.

Midjourney API Key

Midjourney API Key

Midjourney does not allow you to obtain an API key. No plans exist to release a public API anytime soon; the internal API is only accessible to internal team members.

The Midjourney account would be integrated with other Software as a Service applications, though there are talks about an API product that is being developed. Up until then, internal use of the API key is the only restriction.

Imagine API Dev, George Iam, and Erictik (Midjourney API JavaScript Version) have the best Midjourney API keys.


The developers of Midjourney are working toward creating an official API, even though it is not yet available. This will allow developers to have access to their cutting edge tool. With some restrictions, third party solutions can assist in integrating Midjourney into applications in the interim.

Watch this space for updates on Midjourney API, which aims to unleash its users creative potential.

Is There a Midjourney API? – FAQs

What is the Midjourney API?

The Midjourney API is an interface for developers to interact with Midjourney’s AI and prompt generation capabilities. It allows developers to generate images, integrate with Discord, and submit commands for image generation using Python or other programming languages.

How can I access the Midjourney API?

To access the Midjourney API, you need to have a Midjourney account and an API key which you can generate as a developer. This key is then used to authenticate and interact with the API.

Is the Midjourney API official or unofficial?

The Midjourney API is an unofficial API as it is not offered as an official product by Midjourney. However, it provides developers with the ability to interact with Midjourney’s functionality.

Can I integrate the Midjourney API with my Discord bot?

Yes, developers can integrate the Midjourney API with their Discord bots to allow users to interact with Midjourney’s AI and prompt generation features within their Discord servers.

Is the Midjourney API free to use?

The use of the Midjourney API may be free or require a subscription. It is recommended to check for the API access details and any associated costs.

Does Midjourney offer an official API product?

At the moment, Midjourney does not offer an official API product, but it is anticipated that an official API may be available in the near future. Stay tuned for updates.

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